Creating a Beautiful Bonnet: A Millinery Workshop
Flat pattern method

April 30th 2006 -- Language Studies International, Berkeley

GBACG was proud to present a millinery workshop for those looking to learn the basics of buckram hat making. The instructor for this class was be Lynne Taylor-Seavers, an accomplished milliner with a love of teaching others this beautiful art. This method started with a flat bonnet pattern which was provided to the class. The pattern choices were an 1830ís Romantic Era bonnet or an 1850-60ís Victorian bonnet. The students then constructed a wired, buckram bonnet frame, learned how to cover and line it with fashion fabric. Many of the bonnets made in this workshop were later seen that year at the Dickens Faire!

Lynne models a bonnet.

Cutting out the buckram.

Ironing to make double buckram.

Students of the workshop.

Working on the buckram frame.

Examining a bonnet.

Working on the buckram frame.

Sewing on the fashion fabric.

Lynne shows how to create the lining.

Working on the brim.