A Regency Day in Ireland
Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Tennessee Cove
Marin Headlands
Noon - 4pm

A full Day in the Regency Era with a Walk, a Picnic, Kite Flying and Games.

Costume era: Regency Promenade Dress 1795-1815


Dressed in our Regency walking attire, we set off through Tennesse Valley to Tennessee Cove, a beautiful hidden cove on the Pacific Coast. We saw rolling green hills, meadows with wildflowers, sea birds, dragonflies and even deer.  



Theresa Eacker and Christine James admire each other's elegant hats as they explore Tennessee Cove. Theresa even removed her stockings and boots and waded in the water's edge. What a very healthy young woman.





Christine James, Jana Keeler and Joseph Widunas pause to admire the view.  
Our picnic was be held in the picnic area next to the parking lot. Fortunately, by the time we returned from our walk, the entire picnic are was free. We had it all to ourselves.  

This popular Regency game involves using the sticks to toss the hoop back and forth. It's harder than it looks!

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