Saturday, 8 October 2005
Sequoia Lodge, Oakland Hills
7pm - Midnight


GBACG in Science Fiction/San Francisco

Lord Elrond invites you to join him at a feast in Rivendell.

The hall in Elrond's house was filled with folk; Elves, of course, and guests of other sorts: Hobbits from the Shire, Dwarves from the Lonely Mountain and Men from the Western lands.

All about the folk of Rivendell gathered. The light and the music of Rivendell welcomed and surrounded us. The beauty of the melodies and the words in elven-tongues held us in a spell. The words take shape and visions of far lands and bright things never yet imagined open out before us. The firelit hall becomes like a golden mist above seas of foam that sigh upon the margins of the world. The enchantment becomes more and more dreamlike.

Elvish minstrels began to make sweet music. Slowly the hall filled, and Frodo looked with delight upon the many fair faces that were gathered together; the golden firelight played upon them and shimmered in their hair.
~~The Fellowship of the Ring, Book Two, Chapter One

The Menu:

Elven Appetizers

  • Tears of Gold
    The High Elves live between two worlds, adding a bittersweet note to our existence. This duality manifests itself throughout our culture, including our cuisine. We call this Savoy with Cheese, Tears of Gold.
  • Eggplant Caviar
    An elegant Savory made without the sacrifice of a single Sturgeon. Try it paired with Brie on salted Lembas

Appetizers at Table

  • Smoked Salmon and Dilled Cucumber Savories
    In the Spring, the Salmon head up the River Isen to spawn. The Rohirrim harvest a judicious number of them, which they then smoke over fruitwoods culled from the orchards of the Westfold. Also from the fields of the Westfold come cucumbers and dill. These ingredients, presented on the people's signature black bread, harken back to the Northern origins of the gallant people of Rohan.


  • Entwives' Harvest Salad
    Long lost in the mists of legend, the Entwives moved from the musty deeps of Fanghorn Forest to the open fields that today are known as the Brown Lands. Before their disappearance, the Entwives turned this land into a lush garden. This salad of greens and fresh flowers honors their memory.

Main Course

  • Master Samwise's Roast Chicken
    It takes a truly gifted cook to elevate field cooking to this level. Samwise Gamgee is just such a hobbit. With simple ingredients that fall to hand, he can produce meals to comfort the most weary traveler. In this spirit, the kitchens of Rivendell have used citrus and herbs to infuse the meat of the chicken with subtle flavors.
  • Gimli's Fruited Pork Roast
    Well-roasted meat is a particular delicacy to the Dwarves. "Roast until falling off the bone" is a common cooking instruction. To honor our guests from the Lonely Mountain, the chefs of Rivendell have added our special touch to this Pork Roast -- a stuffing of dried fruits which become succulent as they absorb the meat's juices during roasting; and a glaze of wine and spices.
  • Mrs. Maggot's Potato, Onion and Mushroom Pie The may have been isolated from outside influences for many a long year but, that has not prevented the home cooks of this sturdy land from developing a sophisticated country cuisine. Mrs. Maggot's recipe melds the simplest of Shire produce -- potatoes, onions and (the native specialty) mushrooms -- into a dish elegant enough for a feast.

Accompaniments and Completions

  • Roasted Root Vegetable Melange
    Once again, the people of Rohan's Westfold share the bounty of their fields in this blending of roasted root vegetables -- potato, carrot, onion, parsnips and yam. The mellow tastes and autumnal colours are a perfect accompaniment to your meal.
  • Merry's Mulled Cider
    While hobbits prefer beer to all other beverages, hot spiced cider will do nicely in the autumn when the apples are newly harvested and the nights have become chill. Meriadoc Brandybuck shared his family's traditional spice blend with our Senior Chef for this special occasion.
  • Tower of the Sun Lemon and Fig Cake
    Before the darkness arose and the City went on guard, Minas Tirith was known as the Tower of the Sun. And rightly so; the City is the gateway to the warm South and the nearby fields of Belfalas which abound with sun-loving fruits. Two of them (lemon and fig) flavor this refined cake.
  • Butterbur's Bread Pudding
    The Prancing Pony in Bree has a long-standing reputation for providing simple yet satisfying fare to travelers on the Great Road. A classic offering from the Inn's menu is Bread Pudding, a sure way to fill in the corners at the conclusion of the meal.

***The event was organized and hosted by Kendra van Cleave. The decorations were organized by Sally Norton. The meal was created and prepared by Frannie Germeshausen and Elaine Ashby with Jana Keeler as the main organizer in the kitchen.

The Setting:

The tables were set with tall crystal goblets holding white candles. Scattered between the goblets were boughs of green and gold leaves and irridescent stones. The colours of the table and chair covers were hunter green, burgundy and gold. We asked everyone to join us in creating this evening in Rivendell. The costumes and tableware both contributed to the ambiance in Elrond's Hall. Everyone brought dishes that had a Medieval handmade appearance.

The Entertainment:


Rivendell description
-- Kendra Van Cleave

After Dinner Performances

Pippin's song from Return of the King
-- Shawna Spiteri

“Into the West”
-- Shawna Spiteri and Jwlhyfer de Winter

"Theoden and Gamling Prepare for the Battle of Helms Deep"
-- Philip and Kathe Gust


Choreographed and led by Cynthia Hussey

Fireside Performances

“In Dreams (Hobbit’s Theme)”
-- David Solomon

“The Finding of the Ring”
-- Dianne Lanning

"In Dreams"
-- Brad Eacker and Theresa Eacker

A reading
-- Nikki of Bree

"Ho, Tom Bombadil!"
-- Christopher Wait

A reading
-- David Davis

"May it Be"
-- Shawna Spiteri

Gimli and Legolas's song
-- Guests of the Feast

Farewell (The Fellowship leaves Rivendell)
-- Kendra Van Cleave

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