Lynn Taylor Seavers, Susie Miller, Geoffrey Gallegos, Steven Kasmar,
Frannie Germeshausen, Julie Gallegos (wearing a vintage Campfire Girl Leader's dress),
Mercurio Ekaterin and Malcolm Johnson

Yvette Keller and Trystan L. Bass

"All the girls are crazy now, anyhow," broke out the older man.
"They begin to think of men at fifteen, and by the time they're
seventeen they run off with the chauffeur next door."

Presumption by F. Scott Fitzgerald
published in The Saturday Evening Post, 9 January 1926

Joe Widunas and Bridget Bradley-Scaife

He had a genial manner and a hearty confident smile, and he made up
his mind about Honoria when he first saw her stroll into her father's office
one day three years before. But so far he hadn't asked her to marry him,
and though this annoyed Honoria she liked him for it too -- he wanted to
be secure and successful before he asked her to share his life.

Your Way and Mine by F. Scott Fitzgerald
published in Woman's Home Companion, May 1927

Miss Art Deco 2005, Sara Galindo

She was thin, a thin burning flame, colorless yet fresh. Her smile
came first slowly, then with a rush, pouring out of her heart, shy
and bold, as if all the life of that little body had gathered for a
moment around her mouth and the rest of her was a wisp that the
least wind would blow away. She was a changeling whose lips
alone had escaped metamorphosis, whose lips were the only
poin of contact with reality.

The Love Boat by F. Scott Fitzgerald
published in The Saturday Evening Post, 8 October 1927

Joe Widunas, Dean Seavers, Lynn Taylor Seavers, Master Adam Seavers,
Susie Ostlund, George McQuary and Kij Greenwood

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