Currier and Ives Ice Skating Party
Saturday, 21 February 2004

Winter Lodge, 3009 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto
Victorian Afternoon Outdoor Attire, 1835 - 1895

At our winter afternoon party we watched the skaters glide by, enjoyed a mug of hot cider and a selection of deserts. We visited with friends and warmed our hands in front of the fire in Winter Lodge. We are stepped back in time to middle America in the 19th century. Every strata of local society was represented. Everyone in town came together for an afternoon at the local pond. 

The weather was cool and it was lovely to see so many coats, jackets, capes and pelerines. A fine, light rain fell briefly. In the soft light of an overcast sky (the colour of the inside of an oyster), one could "see" that light rain as snowflakes. It was an optical illusion, but a charming fantasy and it only lasted a few minutes; just long enough to give us a delightful moment in a mid-winter afternoon.

After two hours outside on a winter afternoon, our appetites were just a bit nippy. Some of the attendees continued the party after skating at Piatti Ristorante in Stanford Shopping Center.

Our thanks to the event organizers Christine James and Jana Keeler. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to Danine Cozzens and James Langdell who searched through their extensive music collection and created the CD of lovely Victorian Music for us; naturally they included The Skater's Waltz.



This was our inspiration for this event: an old photo of ice skaters late one winter afternoon. It's a romantic, dreamy image; it encourages our imaginations to create conversations, histories, stories about these people we can only see in silhouette. It only takes a moment and we imagine ourselves stepping onto the ice and joining one of these groups.


Jay, Katie and Denisen Hartlove

Guess who is the best skater?

Danine Cozzens and Theresa Eacker have a cozy chat in front of the fire.

Theresa Shobe and Kendra Van Cleave show off their lovely 1830s gowns.

Brad Eacker's Photos

Kendra van Cleave's Photos

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