I had a great time at BayCon this year, especially because of the Costumer's Guild exhibit and hanging out with wonderful costumed folks. GBACG volunteers did a fabulous job of creating a fun costume display that featured fairies, superheroes and space girls. There were even a couple of costumes actually used in science fiction movies. Everyone loved the display and appreciated the detailed program given away free.

Thanks to Marge Funabiki, Christine James, Sally Norton, and Claudine Wong for all their hard work collecting, packing, driving, unpacking, setting up, taking down and staying cool.

All the costuming panels were in the same room with the costume exhibit. Unfortunately, the room had no air conditioning which surprised us and the BayCon staff. But, we survived (with the help of Janet Canning's mother's loan of several fans).

Panels on men's costuming, fitting costumes, accessories, corsetry, and masquerade competitions were all well attended. Many GBACG members contributed their expertise. I enjoyed being on the panels and learning from everyone else.

The Masquerade on Saturday night was one of the biggest BayCon has ever seen. The local costuming community is really growing and many newcomers are trying out their costumes and skits on stage. Several GBACG members won awards. GBACG has a brand new member, Vivian Traugot, who won the GBACG Rising Star award for her amazing silver corseted 1950's-style alien costume. It was very impressive work and the first time she has competed in a costume masquerade.

It was a great weekend for me to catch up with friends, old and new. I always love an excuse to dress up in wacky costumes with fellow Guild members.

--- Baycon Report from Trystan L. Bass

BayCon 2004 Masquerade Winners

*GBACG Member

Best in Show  - On Loan from the Haunted Mansion (Novice) by Debbie* and Rick Bretschneider

Artist's Choice - Zorch (Novice) be Vivian Traugot*

Judge's Choice - For Love's Young Dream (Open) by Sam and Jeanette Peters

GBACG Rising Star Award for Most Promising Newcomer - Zorch (Novice) be Vivian Traugot*

Best in Master Div.- Mom by Charles Bolling, Kim Leigh and Mom

Best Re-creation, Master Div.- Arwen Becomes Mortal by Jwlhyfer de Winter*

Honorable Mention, Master Div.- Really Bad Eggs by Cordelia, Cathleen, Kel, Leah, Carolyn, John, Dany and Bronwen

Best in Intermediate Div.- The Clergy of Chalion by Lorrie Wood, Ember Cook, Albert Baker, Jennifer Tifft, Paul White and Diana Paxton

Best Historical, Intermediate Div.- Robe a la Francaise by Laura Rubin*

Best Technical, Intermediate Div.- Sorcerer's Apprentice by Philip* and Kathleen Gust*

Honorable Mention, Intermediate Div.- Leelo and the Diva by Laura Ehrlich and Dawn Keiser

Best in Novice Div.- Fairy Queen by Lilly Chambers

Best First Effort, Novice Div.- Legolas Greenleaf by Donald Pong

Best Humor, Novice Div.- Catman From South Park by Shawn Harlan

Most Thematic, Novice Div.- Fhloston Burlesque by Rhea

Honorable Mention, Novice Div.
Napoleon and Joe-So-Fine Blown-Apart by Sapphire and Josephine

Best Young Fan - Skip Flower Fairy by Elizabeth Mittman

Most Ferocious, Young Fan Div.- Golden Dragon by Izumi Karr

Best Workmanship - Sorcerer's Apprentice by Philip* and Kathleen Gust*

Best Workmanship, Young Fan Div.- Skip Flower Fairy by Elizabeth Mittman

Honorable Mention, Trim Workmanship - Arwen Becomes Mortal by Jwlhyfer de Winter*

Honorable Mention, Corsetry Workmanship - Zorch (Novice) be Vivian Traugot*

Honorable Mention, Historical Workmanship - Robe a la Francaise by Laura Rubin*

Honorable Mention, Tailoring Workmanship - For Love's Young Dream (Open) by Sam and Jeanette Peters

Jennifer Tifft explains how to work with fabric creating a winged gown.

The GBACG costume display was titled Costumes in Time and Place. Two of the faerie costumes in the display are shown below. In front, Peaseblossom from A Midsummer Night's Dream, made by Leah Anderson and Christine James. In back, The Green Fairy, made by Kyrsten Mate.

The photo on the left shows part of the costume display presented by GBACG at Baycon. L-R,  two William Ware Theiss gowns from the 1973 film Genesis II, the red and black leather corset dress by Dark Garden, a leather corset and silk skirt by Jurnecka Creations and an appliquéd leather corset and chiffon skirt by Dark Garden.

Below, the leather Wonder Woman costume built by Monique Motyl is introduced to a very  human Wonder Woman.

In the panel shown to the left, Kevin Roche demonstrates how to manipulate large wings.

Those handsome fellas in the SCA put on a dazzling exhibition of swordplay and chivalry in the courtyard.

Below, a small selection of the many wonderful hall costumes seen throughout the BayCon weekend.

Kendra van Cleave's photos

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