Everyone Goes to Gatsby!
This deco era picnic is the highlight of the Bay Area Summer Social Scene.
Simply everyone who is anyone goes to Gatsby.

Spiffy Threads
No gentleman would dream at arriving at Mr. Gatsby's party without a tie and snappy hat.
Don't these fellas look dashing in their summer whites.

Picture Perfect
Shannon Wells shows off her new summer frock and of course her lovely face is framed by a pretty hat.

The DecoBelles
Oh my goodness! Look at that! They're wearing bathing attire! They must be the Mack Sennet Bathing Beauties. You're almost right .... those frivolous gals are The DecoBelles, our very own chorus girls and bathing beauties here with their newest - and youngest - member. You're never too young to be a glamour girl.

Congratulations to Serafina Miller, the new Miss Art Deco. That's lovely Serafina in the center back row standing next to the driver. She's wearing the daring bathing suit with the cut-out sides. She's the Cat's Meow! 

Great Cars at Great Gatsby
Part of the afternoon must be spent strolling about and admiring the dreamy cars. O-o-o-o-o-o! What tales they could tell! What's that whisper I hear? Something about late nights and wild parties and Ramon Novarro? Tell me more .....  
Just the Two of You 
The Gatsby Picnic can be an extravaganza. It can also be you and your sweetie snuggling close and sipping something bubbly. Newlyweds Yvette Keller and Mark Bessey show you just how it's done.

Dancing Feet
The Royal Society Jazz Orchestra provides the finest dance music. Mr. Gatsby is only satisfied with the very best. What a perfectly sensible philosophy. We concur.

Our thanks to Shannon Wells for these wonderful photos. 
Take a look at Vera Kark's spiffy photos in glorious black and white.
Kendra van Cleave and Heather Meadows also graciously shares their photos with us.

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