The Costume Competition at Dickens Fair 2003

I'm pleased to announce the Grand Prize Winner of the Great Dickens Fair Costume Contest is Theresa Eacker, a member of GBACG. Her winning gown was a lovely 1840's day dress with removable lower sleeves, self piping, decorative fraying and more exquisite details too numerous to count. She won a Pickwick Pass for the run of Dickens next year, a beautiful figurine of Santa Claus and a renewal of her GBACG membership. I am hoping she will bring her gown to the Victorian Costume Clinic next year to show as an example of excellent work.

The contest was a lot of fun, we look forward to seeing you at Dickens in your best costumes next year. Thank you to the organizer, Aurie Bradley. Congratulations from all of the judges.

~~Jwlhyfer de Winter

Lynne Taylor-Seavers wearing her 1860's Tea Bodice with chemisette. The fabric is chocolate brown with small white and blue vertical stripes. The bodice is self-piped and trimmed in geometric-patterned blue velvet ribbon. The ensemble is topped by a brown velvet Glengarry hat (also made by Lynne) trimmed in white with chocolate brown feather curls. Lynne won the competition on December 7, 2003. 

Janet Caning wearing a green 1840's day dress. It buttons in front and features hand pleating at waist. The gown was created by Originals by Kay. It is made of a period reproduction fabric and an antique lace collar. Janet won the competition on Dec. 13, 2003.

Cathleen Myers wearing a dark red velvet 1860's afternoon gown. The bodice is trimmed in black jet. There is only one word: sumptuous. Cathleen won the Costume Competition on December 6, 2003.

Our thanks to Brad Eacker for the use of his photos.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's Great Dickens Christmas Fair Costume Competition.

11/29/03 Theresa Eacker Early 1840's Day Dress
11/31/03 Lesley Batzloff Silk 1860's Day Dress
12/6/03 Cathleen Myers Velvet 1860's Afternoon Gown
12/7/03 Lynne Seavers-Taylor 1865 Striped Tea Gown
12/13/03 Janet Canning 1840's Day Dress
12/14/03 Edith Summers & Zuriah Meacham 1860's Plaid Traveling Outfits
12/20/03 Miriam Attia 1844 Day Dress
Theresa Eacker Grand Prize Winner
Lesley Batzloff 2nd Runner Up
Miriam Attia 3rd Runner Up
Edith Summers & Zuriah Meacham Honorable Mention

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