BayCon 2003

Memorial Day Weekend
May 23rd - 26th, 2003
San Jose DoubleTree Hotel

Kathe and Philip Gust

Winners of the GBACG Rising Star Award
Masquerade Winners for Best Fantasy, Novice
Eowyn of Rohan by Kathe Gust 
King Theoden of Rohan by Philip Gust

Science-fiction and fantasy costuming is on the upswing, as proved by the high caliber of costumes at BayCon '03, the area's annual SF/F convention over Memorial Day Weekend. In the halls and at the Saturday night masquerade ball and costume competition, elaborate and fun costumes were everywhere.

At the masquerade, the GBACG gave our Rising Star Award to the most promising costumer in the novice category. We were pleased to present Kathe and Philip Gust with this award and a one-year membership in the Guild! They wore gorgeous reproduction costumes of Eowyn and King Theoden of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings movie. They created these beautiful, elaborate costumes, complete in
every detail from the rich styling of Eowyn's medieval-influenced gown right down to the gold horse-head embroidery on Theoden's under-tunic.

Kathe and Philip also made Star Wars Jedi costumes for daytime and Regency costumes for the Sunday dance. They are both very enthusiastic about the art of costume, and they are lovely people who we hope to see at future events! Check out their website at

The Best in Show winners at BayCon's masquerade was the One Ring Circus -- another Lord of the Rings recreation, but this one featured the whole cast of the movies singing and dancing to a parody of "The Pitch" from the movie Moulin Rouge. It was truly spectacular, spectacular, and you can see more at

The masquerade also had a fabulous furry monster, a sexy robot, and a funny Star Trek skit. In the halls, we spied great Harry Potter costumes, a realistic RD-D2, sparkly faeries, a darling dragon toddler, slick Matrix-inspired outfits, elegant elves, Jedis galore, and giant anime creatures that dared take on the Klingons.

BayCon also featured a full track of costume panels, and GBACG members lead these efforts. These discussions were well-attended and lively. We talked about making wings, building bustles, researching costumes online, and so much more. BayCon remains an excellent place for new costumers to learn from experienced folks, and every year more and more fabulous costumes can be seen there.

--Trystan L. Bass

BayCon 2003 Masquerade Winners

Best in Class, Novice: Vortex, Jennifer Walker
Best SciFi, Novice: Commedia in Space, Venison Street Players
Best Fantasy, Novice: (tie) Eowyn of Rohan, Kathe Gust, & King Theoden of Rohan, Philip Gust

Best in Class, Professional: Urban Gargoyle, Brad Rolander
Best SciFi, Professional: Sexy Robot, Raven O'Neill
Best Fantasy, Professional: Lowhorn, Edwin A. Carter
Best Re-creation, Professional: Lulu, Dena Natali

Best of Show: One Ring Circus, Carolyn Staehle (Frodo), Leah Jakusovsky (Sam), Kelly Bolton (Merry), Cathleen Trowbridge (Pippin), Judi Grivich (Gimli), Gordelia Willis (Legolas), Mitch Steinberger (Aragorn), Aimee Steinberger (Arwen), Kelly Lima (Eowyn), A.J. Wu (Ringwraith)

Workmanship Awards
Best in Class, Novice: King Theoden of Rohan, Philip Gust
Honorable Mention, Novice: Darth Vader, name unknown

Best in Class, Professional: Gimli from the One Ring Circus, Judy Grivich
Honorable Mention, Professional: Lulu, Dena Natali
Honorable Mention, Professional: Urban Gargoyle, Brad Rolander

Janet Canning
Leigh Ann Hildebrand

This year the Klingon Barbershop Quartert was (we are sorry to report) once again disqualified for improper behavior. When, oh when, will they learn that grabbing a judge by the throat and throwing him across the room is not the appropriate response to a comment that perhaps Klingon Opera does not lend itself all that well to Barbershop Quartet performance style.

Denisen Harlove


We Three Super Heros Be!

Lady Jwlhyfer de Winter and Her Attendant Sally Norton

A very large and very furry Cavalier swears his allegiance
to Princess Katie.

Trystan L. Bass


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