All in Knots
The Art of Making and Tying Mens Victorian Neckwear

The Puff Tie was popular in the 1880s and 1890s. It was still worn in 1900 and into the first few years of the 20th century.

Sunday, November 9, 2003     10 am - 5pm

GBACG presented ALL IN KNOTS, a workshop with the gentlemen in mind. This special workshop was ideal for all of us who have sighed at the plaintiff cry, "Honey, can you help me tie this?" The instructor was JoAnn Peterson owner of Laughing Moon Mercantile who taught us how to tie perfect Victorian neckwear. 

We used the Laughing Moon Victorian Shirt pattern. The pattern includes several shirt styles with collars and cuffs to match and patterns for the various styles of neckwear worn from 1845 to 1920. 

We stitched one piece of neckwear and learned to tie all the types of neckwear included in the pattern (among them, the Puff Tie, the Ascot and the Cravat).

Frannie Germeshausen (left) shows off the new Victorian tie she made for Steven Kacsmar. We love Frannie, but George 'Beau' Brummel would not approve of her jacket and tie combination. Jana Keeler looks over the neckwear she has cut out in class (nice fabric, Jana). The pattern is very easy. This is definitely a sew it today, he wears it tonight project.

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