A Very Gorey Tea
Saturday, January 12, 2002
Tyme for Tea
In Historic Niles, CA

Joanna Ekaterin wearing a lovely
vintage Edwardian Tea Gown

Kathleen Crowley (Miss Q.P.
Urkeimer) displays her bowling

Kathleen Morris (Mrs. Daisy
Sallow) and companion.

Event organizer Janet Canning
(Miss Emily Swotwiddle) in the
clutches of the Doubtful Guest
(Vaughn Thorpe).

Carrie Doughtery (Lady Violet
Natheless) has decided, after recent unfortunate events, to retire to 
the Cote d'Azur.

Trystan L. Bass (Miss Emily
Toastwater) displays the infamous
petit point pillow.

Dianne Lanning (Nurse J. Rosebeetle) discusses
her terms with potential clients.

Yvette Keller (Miss Elspeth Lipsleigh) has, at last, found a
partner for life in Mr. Mark Bessey.

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