San Francisco Silent Film Festival Opening Night Party

Saturday, July 13, 2002

Castro Theatre, San Francisco

GBACG was invited to participate in the opening night festivities again this year. We dressed in evening attire from the 1920s and added both authenticity and elegance to the festivities.

The Castro Theatre was built in 1922. It is an Art Deco gem in the center of San Francisco. The Opening Night Party was held in the Mezzanine Lobby (shown above). The theatre displays Moorish influences that were so popular in California. The theatre auditorium is celebrated for its' spectacular ceiling which suggests a fantastical tent out of the Arabian Nights.

Leah Slyder-Vass and Val Hancock embody the bohemian, artistic insouciance that is de riguer for Hollywood starlets.

The public's love affair with the cinema began early. Film stars were regularly featured on the fashion pages of the New York Herald. Movie magazines first appeared in the 1920s and gained momentum in the ensuing decades. From the earliest days of film, the stars both created styles and helped boost the careers of designers. The success of Maggie Rouff and Vionnet owed much to their gowns being worn by Theda Bara, Greta Garbo, Pola Negri and other glamour goddesses.

The Solomon Family (Bill, David and Virginia) enjoy the party (and are much admired). Isn't Virginia's Poiret evening coat simply to-o-o divine. Gertrude Lawrence would be so envious.

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