Lovejoy's Tea & Antiques
San Francisco, CA 

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Dean and Lynne Seavers, Jana Keeler,
Trystan L. Bass and Thomas Dowrie



Lynne Seavers and Dave Bergman pose in front of Roberto Isola's vintage staff car.
Larry Pirak, Jim McKenzie, Pilar, Gregg Greenwood, Kij Greenwood, Roberto Isola and Dave Bergman.

Dave Bergman, Roberto Isola, and Tony Inson wear pre-war or early war (30s'thru mid 1943) uniforms. The distinguishing features of these uniforms are the Sam Browne belts, white shirts with black ties, and stiff, structured hats. These accessories were discarded in late 1942. These uniforms display a yellow and blue pinwheel insignia on left shoulder. That was the insignia of the Army Air Corp. from the mid-30s thru 1942. You can see it worn in the movie Pearl Harbor. The familiar wings insignia replaced it.

Katie Vardijan (in the snappy blue hat) and her sister, Elly Miller are keeping up Homefront morale wearing their stylish ensembles and are ready to welcome home their sweethearts.
Johnny Stokes, Roberto Isola, and Linda Bergman.

Roberto is wearing a patch over his right breast pocket. It's an RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot wings. Before the U.S. entered WWII, some U.S. pilots volunteered to fly with the Brits in the RAF (Tyrone Power in  A Yank in the RAF). Those who became fighter pilots were mostly in the Eagle Squadron. They wore RAF uniforms in their service. When the U.S. entered the war, they went into the U.S. Army Air Force. As a reference to their prior service in the RAF, they were allowed to wear the RAF wings over the right chest and the U.S. pilots wings over the left. (Gregg says Roberto likes to lay on the insignia but, all the ladies know a dashing pilot when they see one.)


Kij Greenwood and Gregg Greenwood. Kij is wearing WWII officer WAC uniform; Gregg is  wearing a WWII Army Air Force officer uniform. The uniforms worn by Gregg and Johnny Stokes are mid to later war era, seen by fabric belt, dark shirts, khaki ties, and "crushed", unstructured hats popular with the Air Corp.  The insignia on Gregg's left shoulder is a bullion 8th Air Force patch. They were stationed in England. 
Jim McKenzie and his date Pilar. He's wearing a WWII British (Royal Air Force) uniform, and she's dressed as a WAC officer.
Larry Pirak, Tony Inson, and Charlene Loen. Larry is the owner of the vintage shop Back to the 40s (1519 Park Street, Alameda, 510.522.6440).
Ralph Loen, Charlene Loen and Helen Chin. Ralph and Charlene sang and played the song Hawaiian Hula Eyes on their vintage ukeleles. The song could not be recorded or broadcast during the war years because of a reference in the lyrics to the sound of planes overhead.


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