On a cool, silver day in San Francisco, William Tell's band of followers gathered at the Archery Range near the Pacific Ocean.

Leo Schwab, Joe Widunas, Jim Wolford, Mary Jenevein, and Annette Stubbs.

Leigh Ann Hildebrand and Leo Schwab. This was Leo's first archery tournament. He came in second. Congratulations, Leo.

Leo's Lady Leigh Ann led a cheering section in performing a Medieval version of The Wave (you had to be there to believe it).

Leo takes aim as fellow competitors watch. The cheering section (out of camera range) is hushed in eager suspense.
Theresa and Brad Eacker spread out their picnic, a Medieval feast with fruit and cheese and a good wine (Terese and Bradley are visiting from France, n'est pas?).

Jim Wolford of St. Sebastian's Guild won the Archery Competition. Here, he displays his prize, a fruit tart from Dreger's. (He generously shared his prize with everyone. Yummy.)

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