August 25 & 26, 2001                    Central Park, San Mateo, CA

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who turned out for Victorian Days in the Park. We had some traffic-stopping costumes and got lots of good reactions from passers by and from our promenades through the festival. Our showstoppers included Cherie and Wally Oliver, who danced onstage in vintage 1920s; Kathleen Farrell, who could not walk five feet in her Ascot ensemble without being stopped by spectators; Diane Lanning dripping Edwardian lace; Diana Limberis in perfect 1920s vintage; Cary Dougherty, ever the Edwardian dandy; Kij and Greg Greenwood in brilliant 1920s whites; the ever-elegant Sandra Fontes; Sally Norton in her Gatsby gown, and Jana Keeler and GBACG President Tony Lunn in contemporary casual (RHIP). Our picnic promenaders turned out in force on Sunday to add a brilliant note to the festivities: Dilys Brighty-Schmidt, Denise Lorraine, Christopher Schilling and Dolores Proctor, as well as Miranda Von Stockhausen. We drew many interested prospects and made new friends with other community organizations, such as the Plien Air Painters of San Mateo who will be joining us for the Dutch Painters Picnic next April.

~~ GBACG Community Liaison, Danine Cozzens

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