The San Francisco Silent Film Festival

Saturday, July 8, 2001 at The Castro Theatre, San Francisco

A glamorous group of GBACG and ADSC (Art Deco Society of CA) members -- many holding membership in both organizations -- turned out for the San Francisco Silent Film Festival on July 8, 2001 at the Castro Theatre. The feature film of the evening was IT starring Clara Bow. At the reception before the film, the Hot Club of San Francisco played wonderful gypsy jazz from the twenties.

Adding to the fun were Brad and Theresa Eacker, Kij and Greg Greenwood (Greg doing his Eric von Stroheim impression to great acclaim), Mercurio Ekaterin, Loretta Litke, Alan Winston and Deborah Rush, Cherie and Wally Oliver, Joanna and Neil Nevesney, Kimberly Manning, Jessica Boscaralla and Slim Buick (Blonde Jessica donned brunette curls to create a very good Clara Bow impersonation), and Danine Cozzens and James Langdell.

The festival organizers were very appreciative of the turnout and hope to have an expanded program next year. Jessica organized an informal gathering after the film at a nearby watering hole. We hope that portion of the evening will also be repeated.

The lines for the sold-out show stretched around the block. I thought we'd be lost when the doors opened and the crowd poured in. Our group was dispersed throughout the huge theatre, but it turned out to be just right. Everyone received wonderful compliments on their attire from the surrounding members of the audience. Maybe we've inspired some festival attendees to dress up next year.

~~Danine Cozzens, GBACG Community Liaison

Left: Eric von Stroheim with his newest discovery La Kij. It is rumored he found her in a particularly interesting quartier en Paris.

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