Pirates Set Sail
Saturday, April 28, 2001

Aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain, Sailing out of Sausalito, CA

The Ballad of the Pirate Sail

By Cap'n Tully and Mad Jack Roche

Now sit right back and youíll hear a tale,
A tale of a special trip
That started from an urban port
Aboard a sailing ship
All filled with thoughts of swashbuckling
And dreams of daring-do
Two score costumers set sail that day
For a 3-hour cruise.

The stories started getting rough
As sails and histíry crossed
(And midst the glamour of the silver screen
Bob Hope his cookies tossed ...)

The ship sets sail from the shore of this
World-famous Baghdad's Bay

With costumers ...
And spouses too,
Their frockcoats and their plumes ...
With movie stars
Historians and jokester, too
Here on our Pirate Sail!

So hereís the story of our Pirate Sail:
Pick swabs from any time
All pirates, privateers and buccaneers
Are welcome in our clime:

The Crimson Pirate sails today
Capín Blood close on his tail
Ice Pirates search for the water world
And dead men tell no tales.

While Burt and Errol laugh and jest
And Maureen knocks them cold,
And sixteen men on a dead manís chest
Still tell of pyrate gold.

Come join us there that day, friends,
Please help us tell the tale
Of two score plumeíd costumers
Out on a Pirate Sail!
It was a deceptively balmy day as the ship moved away from the harbor. Mad Jack Roche took the helm and steered straight into high adventure. The scurrilous crew of the Hawaiian Chieftain set down to a feast plundered from the Sausalito port. The wind picked up. Cap'n Tully ordered full sail and raised the Jolly Roger. Below decks, Captain Hook caught Wendy and inflicted the final comeuppance. On the foredeck, the captured Spanish Princess Lenora di Carsoni thought her title and position would keep her safe. Little did she know the ways of pirates ......

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Photos: Will Francis and Kevin Roche