A Midsummer Afternoon Faerie Frolic

Sunday, 1 July 2001,  Oakland Rose Garden

Led with delight, they thus beguile the way, and wander too and fro in wayes unknowne.
-- The Faerie Qveene by Edmund Spenser, 1596. Canto I.

Forty-five faeries, woodsmen, elves, wizards, along with a gargoyle and a brownie gathered on a summer afternoon for magic and merriment.

Faeries dance and faeries sing, round and round the Faerie Ring. 

Above right: A Queen of the Fey and one her faeries have charmed an innocent wood elf. 

Kyrsten Mate is in danger of having her wings plucked by mischievous Gary Comoglio.



Vivienne, The Lady of the Lake sits at the foot of the lovely cascading fountains in the Oakland Rose Garden.

Below, Greg Greenwood as the Gargoyle, Protector of the Garden.

Kathleen Crowley, the Very Pink Fairy

Sally Norton as Spenser's Faerie Queen and Kyrsten Mate as Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe.

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