November 24 - December 23, 2001

Cow Palace Exhibition Hall
San Francisco


Once again GBACG traveled back to London in the mid 19th century to enjoy the sights and sounds and lively streets of Charles Dickens' London. We strolled the streets of London, meeting and greeting old friends and exchanging the compliments of the season.

She was very pretty: exceedingly pretty. With a dimpled, surprised-looking capital face; a ripe little mouth, that seemed made to be kissed --- as no doubt it was; all kinds of good little dots about her chin, that melted into one another when she laughed; and the sunniest pair of eyes you ever saw in any little creature's head. Altogether she was what you would have called provoking, you know; but satisfactory, too. Oh, perfectly satisfactory.

The Second of the Three Spirits, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

He and his wife lived in the old house, and occupied the very bedchamber in which he had slept for four and forty years.As his wife grew older, she became even a more cheerful and light-hearted little creature; and it was a common saying among their friends, that it was impossible to say which looked the happier --- Time as he sat calming smiling in his elbow-chair on one side of the fire, or his brisk little wife chatting and laughing.

Chapter LXV, Nicholas Nickelby by Charles Dickens

God Bless Us, Everyone

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