How Berkeley Can You Be
Parade and Festival

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This year GBACG members wanted to show their playful spirit and so, we decided to salute that cultural icon, The Black Velvet Painting. We participated in a very silly annual event, the How Berkeley Can You Be Grand Parade and Festival held, this year, on Sunday, September 30, 2001. The showcase of our entry in the parade was the car, Black Velvet On Wheels, painted by GBACG member Kij Greenwood with images of both popular and classical art.
We wore a variety of costumes and comfortable walking shoes. Parasols and sunscreen were the accessories du jour. That's Greg Greenwood as Elvis. Kij drove the car and handed out bottles of water as needed. The parade route was only a little over a mile long; it ended at Civic Center Park in Berkeley where the Festival continued throughout the afternoon.