BayCon 2001: Odd-I-See
  May 25 - May 27, 2001
San Jose DoubleTree Hotel

Once again we attended the San Francisco Bay Area's largest science fiction convention. This year GBACG presented a Fan Table and included a small rotating selection of costumes on display.

Trystan L. Bass and Danine Cozzens share information about GBACG.

Kevin Roche makes an adjustment to the costume display. The costume Kevin is putting on display won a Hall Costume Award on Saturday, May 25. Capt. Nemo (aka Jay Hartlove) takes a break from his arduous duties aboard the Nautilus and has a bit of lunch.
Mark Bessey and Yvette Keller view the GBACG photo albums. He is dressed as a rather raffish pirate and she is a Regency maiden (perhaps soon to be in distress -- if everything we've heard about pirates is true!).

In the Dealers Room, GBACG member and businesswoman, Aziza, holds court at a booth filled with Middle Eastern attire, vintage garments, and a treasure trove of sparkly trims and accessories.


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