They Went Thataway -- North!

August 12-13, 2000

Fort Bragg

A wild and dangerous group of adventurers met up for a weekend of pleasure on the Mendocino Coast

We met at the Fort Bragg Train Station of the California Western Railroad, AKA the Skunk Train. Our adventurers included Margaret and David Retherford, Theresa and Brad Eacker, Ms. Kathleen Farrell, and hosts Judy and Andy Pischalnikoff.
We met at the Heritage House Hotel around 6:30. The events coordinator, Jennifer Dimma, greeted us. Our table had a great view of the sea. Our dinner menu was printed for us, with a "Welcome to the Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild" message on the cover. We looked the part in our evening attire. Theresa looked like Swedish Nightingale Miss Jenny Lind (who P.T. Barnum made famous in America).

The following morning we met at Glass Beach and explored the polished treasures the came from the old Oceanside dump.

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