Sunday, December 3, 2000

Cow Palace Exhibit Hall, San Francisco

We strolled through London in our mid-19th century finery. We met old friends, did a bit of shopping, raised a mug -- or two -- of Holiday Cheer, and greatly enjoyed the extensive entertainment. It was wonderful to have this favorite holiday tradition back with us after too long an absence. 

Cherie Moore was busy dancing at Fezziwigs and participating in the street scenes from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. 

Christine James welcomes the ladies to the Adventurer's Club. She is joined by Mercurio Ekaterin, Sally Norton, Gogi Overhoff, and Sheri Jurnecka. The Adventurer's Club celebrates the 19th century spirit of exploration. Throughout the day historical personages such as Sir Richard Burton and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle give talks and presentations.

Among the more daring attractions at Dickens Fair were the Dark Garden windows with living models. Here, Carrie Doughtery takes a turn charming all the passers-by.The Dark Garden shop was a delightful glimpse into a past when ladies undergarments were custom-made and beautifully embellished. 

Many of the shops offered tempting choices for Holiday gifts. Gentlemen's attire, jewelry, rare books, hand-made soaps, ladies' millinery, and ceramic stalls all lured shoppers.


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