Sunday, June 14, 1999
Robinson House, Preservation Park, Oakland

GBACG presented an afternoon program concerning 19th century mourning rituals. The intensity of the Queen's mourning created a fashion in Britain whose influence could be observed throughout the globe. This is a fascinating arena of psychological study as well as an interesting diversion in the history of dress.

The cult of mourning rituals manifested itself in dress, the arts, manners, decor and even advertising. We presented a sampling from all these areas in the display. The exhibit included vintage mourning garments displayed on dress forms, and accessories, hats, jewelry, photographs and paper ephemera displayed on tables.

This event was open to the public and tickets were sold at the door. An attentive audience enjoyed the two speakers. Shelley Monson spoke on Mourning Dress. Cheryl Melnick spoke on Mourning Customs and Rituals.

We wish to thank our speakers Shelley and Cheryl and the volunteers who created the exhibit, Christine James, Jana Keeler and Sally Norton.

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