Celebrate History  
A convention and symposium to explore all eras of history and all historical interests  
April 9-11, 1999
South San Francisco Convention Center

GBACG presented Memoriam Rei, a display of Mourning Dress in the 19th Century. Clothing conformity during periods of mourning was highly desired by the 19th century population. The use of black in clothing was a distinct symbol of grief that is still observed in many cultures today.

Fashion and the Military, The Crossover of Influence
Saturday, April 10, 1999 at Celebrate History

A fashion show and display examining the influence of military uniforms on fashionable civilian dress featuring GBACG members modeling their recreations of historic attire.

The Age of Englightenment Salon
Sunday, April 11, 1999 at Celebrate History

Members of GBACG don 18th century afternoon attire and recreate a literary and social salon featuring noteworthy historic characters. William Solomon as Doctor Meismer explains his scientific theories. Other historic characters included Jane Austen, Thomas Jefferson, and Mary Wolstonecraft.

Angela Grimes (left) as the talented Maria Cosway and Janes Barnes (right) as the notorious beauty, Lady Hamilton. 

William Solomon as Dr. Mesmer explains his theories to a fascinated audience.

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