The Ball at Bougival

September 18, 1999

Memorial Park, Cupertino

Inspired by Le Bal a Bougival Painted by Auguste Renoir 1883


Ah, Paris. It's a state of mind, a moveable feast, an indelible image of romance. Paris is part of our consciousness. It matters not at all whether we know the City of Light firsthand as a resident or visitor or from literature, film, music, or art. We all carry pieces of Paris in our hearts. On a late afternoon, at the end of summer, GBACG went to Paris -- if only for a few hours. 

Cherie and Wally Oliver step out in a lively dance. Both their steps and attire echo the painting that inspired our Parisian event. The music of James Langdell's Parisian Quartet floated softly through the evening, setting the stage for the magnificent Impressionistic sunset that dazzled our eyes.

It was certainly an ideal evening for artists. Here, Kali Pappas poses for Auguste Renoir (aka Carrie Doughtery). Kali's gown is a copy of the gown worn by Winona Ryder in the archery scene of the Martin Scorsese film, The Age of Innocence. The gown is white eyelet and white cotton batiste with an embroidered collar. The gown was made by Victoria Riddenour. Kali did the delicate embroidery.

Greg Greenwood in a natty plaid suit and Kij Greenwood in a blue and white summer 1880's bustle gown might have stepped off the Champs Elsysees. They enjoy an al fresco dinner as the afternoon fades into evening.

There was dancing and conversation, flirtation and strolling through the gardens, watching the ducks, and watching the swaying Japanese lanterns reflected in the lake.

The evening concluded as we all joined in a circle dance, each couple carrying a Japanese lantern. The lanterns bobbed as we swayed to the music. Finally, the last note played out, the dance and the evening ended.


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