5 April 1998

Oakland Rose Garden


Her Majesty, Marie Antoinette, commands everyone to come to Versailles for an afternoon frolic. Only the most frivolous behavior will be allowed. Music, games, food and wine all await us by royal command.

The highlight of the Afternoon at Versailles was sheep calling. Yes, that's right -- a Sheep Calling Competition was held to amuse Her Majesty, Marie Antoinette. Because of their wrinkled faces, Gary Comoglio dubbed them the 'Shar Pei Sheep'. Her Majesty was most amused. Gary enjoys a glass of His Majesty's good French wine.

Lady J (Sheri Jurnecka) enjoys the attention of her admirers; among them --- one of the sheep! Mon Dieu! Let us be thankful Her Majesty never found out Lady J appropriated the attentions of the Royal Sheep.



Her Majesty requested the Ladies of the Court to dress in lovely gowns the colour of summer roses. The afternoon, Her Majesty declared, will be as light and airy as a summer sky.

Lady Kathleen Crowley took Her Majesty at her word and is ready to fly away on the wings of a dove.


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