Ride the Rocket Costume Competition

Presented by British Airways in Conjunction with the Traveling Exhibit of Concorde Memorabilia Touring the United States

September 4, 1998 at the Hyatt Embarcadero

Kevin Roche and Jennifer Tifft were both winners.

The competition was held in 22 US cities where British Airways flies. The 50 Best Space Travelers in each competition won two round trip plan tickets to London. 

That terrifying Alien soldier is Denisen Hartlove, also a winner.

We're not surprised that Bruce and Dana MacDermott were winners. Don't you love Dana's Space Port Worker clothes!

Joy Day as the Space Girl from Mars Attacks! The judges loved this costume. And yes, she was another winner.

Will London be safe from Corset Wearing Alien Bugs? We'll have to trust Gogi Overhoff and Sheri Jurnecka not to devour every human male in London!

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