The Edward Gorey Dinner

January 31st, 1998

A few of our most interesting friends got together one winter evening ......

Vaughn as The Doubtful Guest and Janet Caning in her teens finery pose in the garden of the Redwood Cafe.

On Saturday evening, January 31, 1998, GBACG paid tribute to our favorite writer/illustrator Edward Gorey. His macabre humor and droll style make him our kindred spirit.

Trystan L. Bass and Thomas Dowrie in elegant black.

A display of Gorey ephemera in The Salon was much appreciated before dinner (we displayed our fav Gorey books, prints and toys).

After Dinner Readings Performed by
Lady J and Her Flashcards (aka Sheri Jurnecka)
Christine James
Lady Celia (aka Karen Tully) with a boa performance by Kevin Roche

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