BayCon 1998 Alternate Universes and Other Possibilities
Memoiral Day Weekend Red Lion Hotel, San Jose

The San Francisco Bay Area's biggest science fiction and fantasy convention welcomed GBACG again this year. All day Saturday and Sunday, GBACG members staffed a lively table near the Works-in-Progress room. Our table was piled high with colorful flyers for all our upcoming events, brochures detailing our history, Costumer's Scribe newsletters, the Great Pattern Review handout, and 8 years worth of photos and memorabilia from our events.

Three Regency Gowns
L-R an 1805 afternoon gown made by Lea Anderson, an 1810 tea gown made by Victoria Riddenour, and an 1800 ball gown made by Lea Anderson.


GBACG presented two days of costume displays. On Saturday we had three lovely Regency gowns near our table and in the Works-in-Progress room we displayed two original Medieval costumes from the Franco Zeffirelli film Hamlet (1990). On Sunday we had a four-costume survey of the 19th century with gowns from the late 1840's to the late 1880's. In the Works-in-Progress room we displays six elegant vintage gowns from the Titanic era.


Kyrsten Mate makes an adjustment to the display of 19th century gowns. Kyrsten is wearing a 1780s polonaise. The best hall costumes were, once again, the Klingons. They had the most ornate, well-constructed outfits featuring the ridged foreheads, platform boots, prescription eye glasses incorporated into the headpiece, a leather dress made out of a thrift store coat, and finally, the Klingons in Black.


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