GBACG Celebrates the Long, Warm Days of Summer

at Our First Event This Summer

An 1890's Picnic, Badminton and Croquet Party

On the Summer Solstice

Sunday, 21 June 1998
Fremont, CA


It was a postcard from summers past as properly attired ladies and gentlemen unfurled copious picnic baskets onto colorful tablecloths and enjoyed an afternoon of gentlemanly leisure and ladylike sport playing croquet and badminton.

Finally, as the afternoon turned to dusty twilight, we sat in shade of old oak trees and sang sweet, old songs that were popular in the 1890's. This was not an extravaganza; just the simple joys of a summer afternoon with friends.

Mr. James Langdell and Miss Danine Cozzens are the perfect Gay 90's couple enjoying a summer afternoon picnic and sport.


Our special guests are members of the 6th Infantry Regiment, recently returned home from the Spanish American War.

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