We gathered on a beautiful Spring afternoon to celebrate the spirit of Romanticism. The row boats on Stow Lake progress at exactly the correct pace to enjoy nature. After boating, we adjourn to the Chinese Pavilion for champagne and poetry.

It were enough to feel, to see,
Thy soft eyes gazing tenderly,
And dream the rest --- and burn and be
The secret food of fires unseen,
Couldst thou but be as thou hast been.

When Passion's Trance 
by Percy Bysshe Shelley


The very lovely Lady Sheri Jurnecka wearing an olive silk taffeta gown trimmed in gold.


As when with downcast eyes we muse and brood,
And ebb into a former life, or seem
To lapse far back in some confused dream
To states of mystical similitude,
If one but speaks or hems or stirs his chair,
Ever the wonder waxeth more and more,
So that we say, "All this hath been before,
All this hath been, I know not when or where;"
So, friend, when first I look'd upon your face,
Our thought gave answer each to each, so true ---
Opposed mirrors each reflecting each ---
That, tho' I knew not in what time or place,

Methought that I had often met with you,
And either lived in either's heart and speech.

To ---
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson 1832

Mr. Philip Rayment dressed in the attire of country gentleman in the Regency era and Miss Lori Knowles wearing a perfect Romantic era gown.


Miss Autumn Adamme, Miss Monique Motyl and Mr. John Carey slide under the old stone bridge. We'd like to know exactly what Mr. Carey has promised Miss Motyl in order to get her to row him.

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