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The Open House held in 1995 began a new tradition for us. This was the introduction of The Great Pattern Review. The Great Pattern Review was the highlight of the Open House. We presented over 50 costumes on display. Most of the costume-makers were on-hand to answer questions and discuss the patterns they used as well as wearing a costume. Each costumer prepared a review ahead of time. All of this were compiled, organized by pattern company and printed. They were given to attendees as a free handout. The pile of pattern reviews dimenished quickly.

Trystan L. Bass (GBACG Secretary) recognized we had something special in the Pattern Review. She built our first website, featuring The Great Pattern Review.

The Open House had a large attendence among both GBACG members and the public. The afternoon also included information on upcoming activities, our collection of GBACG photo albums and a raffle.