The Age of Innocence Holiday Tea
The Garden Court, The Palace Hotel
December 2nd, 1995

There were over 30 attendees at our holiday gathering at The Palace Hotel. We were an exceptionally well-dressed group in our late Victorian attire. All of the ladies took this afternoon as a perfect opportunity to show off winter hats, muffs, gloves, chandelier earrings and beautiful purses. The dark, rich tones favored by most of the ladies were a feast for the eye. The rich jewel tones shimmered among the holiday lights in The Garden Court.

Event organizer Sheri Jurnecka and her handsome consort Mr. Douglas Williams. Sheri's spectacular new bustle gown featured the jewel tones and elaborate trimming that identifies the 1870s bustle gowns. The unexpected combination of plum, olive and magenta is not jarring; rather, it exudes the sumptuous indulgence of the privileged world Wharton describes in her novels.



Autumn Adamme, Rita Jean Strauss, Anne Lehmer, Monique Motyl, Brian Gustafson and Michelle Gustafson enjoy Tea at the Palace. Tea was laid out for us in small groupings of tables and plush chairs and sofas. The tables were laid with silver place settings, flowers, and a delicious array of sandwiches and sweets.

Denisen Fraser and Jay Hartlove in the Grand Hall outside the Garden Court. Jay was one of the many handsome gentlemen in perfect formal afternoon attire. Frock coats, top hats, gloves, and walking sticks .... the men had it all just right.

Denisen's gown might have stepped out of the pages of Edith Wharton's novel, The Age of Innocence.

" After dinner, according to immemorial custom, Mrs. Archer and Janey trailed their long silk draperies up to the drawing-room, where, while the gentlemen smoked below stairs, they sat beside a Carcel lamp with an engraved globe, facing each other across a rosewood work-table with a green silk bag under it, and stitched at the two ends of a tapestry band of field-flowers destined to adorn an "occasional" chair in the drawing- room of young Mrs. Newland Archer."

~~Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence, Chapter 5.

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