We had a lovely, mild day for our annual winter gathering. Everyone dressed in 1800-1850 attire. The gentlemen rowed with vigor around Stow Lake and were much admired for their athletic prowess. The ladies showed themselves to advantage with parasols, shawls, reticules, baskets, bonnets and charming smiles.

Once everyone arrived, we gathered the boats together and shared champagne, picnics, gossip and flirting. After a row around the lake, we returned the boats to the boathouse and made our way to the Chinese Pagoda. We read our favorite poems to one another and relaxed in this pastoral arcadia.

There is something elusive about this event. It isn't the most elaborate or unusual event we create. The ladies' dresses are pretty and men do look dashing in breeches and boots ...... but, these aren't the most sumptuous costumes we make. Still, there is that indefinable air of timelessness. Perhaps it is the combination of fresh air on one's cheek, the feeling of the boats moving through the water, soft laughter from the boat next to you, the pop of a champagne cork, and the slight melancholia that comes from knowing this does not last. 


Lovely Sheri Jurnecka, in her Regency gown, is ready for a rendezvous with Lord Byron.

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