The Northern California Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America and the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild presented an 18th century picnic on the grounds of a private estate in Ross, CA owned by JASNA member, Pam Sher. The Sher home is "a nice old-fashioned place, full of comfort and convenience, quite shut in, with great garden walls ... everything .. that one could wish for."

GBACG members entertained everyone with a presentation of the play Sir Charles Grandison written by Jane Austen (her only play). The play was originally performed by Jane's family and friends for their own amusement. Our presentation followed that tradition. It was presented in a private family home for the enjoyment of close friends and guests.

County gentleman, Sir John James, entertains Lady Eleanor Farrell
and her companion, Miss Karen Posner.


Sir Jay Hartlove eagerly shows his new bride, Lady Denisen, over his estate.

Gentleman farmer, Sir Francis Kenyon, charms his guests: Miss Andrea Voulkos and Miss Dianne Johnson.


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