Beautiful Darkness
Themes of Mourning, Magic and Macabre in Costume and Accessories

October 26 - November 20, 1994
Olive Hyde Gallery
Fremont, CA




Opening Reception October 28, 1994

Monique Motyl

Kevin Roche

Jana Keeler and Sally Norton


The Costumes

Green Faerie by Jwlhyfer de Winter
Lizzie Bordern by Janet Canning
The Dragonfly Dress by Sheri Jurnecka
Lilith by Monique Motyl
Scarlet O'Hara by Eleanor M. Farrell
Constanza Mozart by Autumn Adamme
Evelyn Mulray from Chinatown by Sheri Jurnecka
Civil War Widow by Jana Keeler
The Swan Queen by Cherie Moore and Christine James
The Abomnible Dr.Fibes by Jay Hartlove
The Jabberwockery by Eleanor M. Farrell
Orlando by Sandy Lerner
La Belle et la Bette by Adrian Butterfield and Victorian Riddenour
Klingon Ambassador by Paula Crist-Picket
Roxanne from Cryando de Bergerac by Jwlhyfer de Winter
Tour Director on the Airship Stratos by Jay Hartlove and Adrian Butterfield

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