The Bastille Banquet

An intimate dinner party for Their Majesties Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette g
Given by Lady J and Le Professeur Williams

Saturday, 16 July 1791                  Le Petite Cafe , San Francisco

Wolfie and Stanzie Mozart (Trystan L. Bass and Thomas Dowrie) share a romantic moment. Perhaps Stanzie has inspired yet another magnificent composition from Le Maestro.


The Guest List

Madmoiselle la Princesse d'Adamme (Autumn Adamne)
Madame la Duchesse d'Adhikary (Qiron Adhikary)
Madame le Duchesse du Welss (Karen Welss)
Monsieur le Duc des Underwood 
Madame la Comtesse du Gawe (Agnes Gawe)
Madame la Comtesse Melusiene de la Nuit 
Madame la Comtesse du Walburger (Marlys Walburger)
Madame la Comtesse & Monsieur le Counte d'James (Christine and John James)
Monsieur le Vicomte de la R-- (Kevin Roche)
Monsieur le Vicomte de Valmont (John Carey)
Madame la Marquise du Monteil (Monique Monteil)
Madame la Marquise du N-- (Sally Norton)
Monsieur le Marquis du W-- (Joseph Thomas Widunas)
Lady Frances Millicent Wentworth (Janet Canning)
Madame la Baroness du Dearborn (Loren Dearborn)
Madame la Baroness du Keeler (Jana Keeler)
Monsieur le Baron due Morris (Harry Morris)
Madame du Myers (Cathleen Mysers)
Chevalier du Myers (James Myers)
Madame les Chambres
Mademoiselle Molly Burke
Stanzie (Trystan L. Bass)
Wolfie (Thomas Dowrie)
Monsieur le Docteur Hanson

Monsieur le Docteur Hanson escorts Madame le Duchesse du Welss to the Banquet. Guests dined by candlelight. The fragrance of fresh cut flowers filled the room. We were entertained with music and poetry. The revolutionary element did make themselves known by an enthusiastic singing of La Marseillaise. One simply cannot escape the rabble of the street. Even in the best houses one is assaulted by this revolutionary fervor.

La Princesse d'Adamme and le Vicomte de Valmont share a table -- and perhaps some scandal -- with la Marquise du Monteil and our host and hostess Lady J and le Professeur Williams.


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