An Evening aboard the Stratos

An Historic Event: the Arrival of the First Case of Champagne Produced on the Moon!


Sunday, 3 October 1993
The View Lounge, Marriott Hotel, San Francisco

The year is 2037. Welcome aboard the luxury airship Stratos as she docks atop the San Francico Marriott Hotel. The last great age of luxury airship travel was one hundred years ago. With limited staterooms aboard, the airship tours of the 1930s were only for the priviledged few. Indeed, due to weight limits, the Stratos has only 25 staterooms. But 21st century aerodynamic technology allows us to dock atop the finest hotels in the cities we visit. Resident class passengers stay in our rooms aboard, while Excursion class passengers stay in pre-arranged accomodations in our 'port' hotels.

During travel days, our guests are treated to world-class cuisine and unsurpassed views of the countryside passing below. Traveling with Stratos doesn't just mean getting there in style, it means seeing the world in high style indeed!

Christine James

Douglas Williams

Sheri Jurnecka

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