Memorial Day Weekend, Red Lion Hotel, San Jose

GBACG was a lively presence at this year's Baycon. Jana Keeler and Eleanor Farrell had a very appreciative audience for their workshop on The Fine Art of Stage Presentation. Hopefully, we'll see some of the audience members in upcoming Masquerades.

Panelists Agnes Gawne, Danine Cozzens, Vanessa Schnatmeier and Philip Rayment brought what they swore wasonly a small portion of their personal libraries to their session, If You Thought Regency Was Only Romance, You're Wrong! The also prepared a very useful bibliography given out to attendees. Other panels included Costuming Without Cloth and and a very popular panel with Sarah Goodman.

The Saturday night Masquerade was small but, included some out-of-competition pieces by local costumers. These extra pieces filled out the show nicely. Denisen Fraser ran the Masquerade. Jay and Aimee Hartlove were co-MCs and both handled the audience vwell. Jana Keeler, Shelley Monson and Kelly Turner judged the Masquerade, along with Janet Wilson Anderson from Costme Guild West in LA.

The GBACG fan table was busy all weekend. We had information on GBACG events and the upcoming CC12. We showed videotapes of the Faerie Tale Masquerade Ball and past Costume Con Masquerades.

The highlight of the weekend for us was Sunday. We had a whole room for our costume display and book signing for te Hugo nominated book, The Costume Maker's Art (Lark Books). It was a huge success with more than a dozen of the book's featured artists present incliding Sha Sha Higby, Jana Keeler, Janet Wilson Anderson, Gary Anderson, Jwlhyfer de Winter, Kevin Roche, Dana MacDermitt, Bruce MacDermott, Robin Lewis, John Carey and Eleanor Farrell.

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Masquerade Award Winners

Junior Division
Judge's Grace Under Pressure Award
Spirit of the Rain Forest, designed and made by Judy Morman; worn by Susan Morman.

Novice Division

Judge's Appreciation Award for Codification of Judging Signals
The Referee, designed, made and worn by Craige Howlett.

Most Romantic
Aladdin & Jasmine, a re-creation based on Disney's animated feature, made by Mary Casano; worn by Jason Snell and Monica Casano.

Best Re-creation
Sarah and Jareth, designed, made and worn by Eric Cullum an A.J. Cullum.

Best Novice
Second Star on the Right and Straight on Til Morning, designed, made and worn by Patricia Flusche.

Best in Show in Spite of Having a Bad Hair Day
The Queen of Outer Space, designed by Kevin Roche and Lora Trimble, made by Kevin Roche and worn by Debra Taunt.