Winchester Mystery House Tour & Adams Family Values
20 November 1993           San Jose, CA

It all began in the pen of Charles Addams .... little did he know that his morbid, bizarre cartoons (published in The New Yorker magazine) would end up as a silly TV sitcom, two major movies, and a Saturday morning cartoon. We found the ideal Addams Family venue in the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. We toured the house walking through twisting hallways and up countless staircases.

Jay Hartlove as Gomez. Paul Kostka as Lurch and Elizabeth Myrddin as Wednesday. 

After the House Tour, we celebrated at our pot-luck, Morticia's Baby Shower. Delectable, gruesomly-decorated munchies (just like Lurch would make) filled everyone with satisfaction. Tummies full, we set off to theatre for the wonderfully bizarre film, Addams Family Values.

A pair of Wednesdays: Beverly Chambers and Autumn Adamme.

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