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June / July 2015 In our feature article, 50 Plus years of "Doctor Who" Costuming, Jean Martin and Christopher Erickson educate us on the facinating and extensive history of Doctor Who costumes in preparation for our Doctor Who Who Dunnit event in October.
Read up what will surely be an amazing picnic this November in Picnic at Cypress Lawn, and finally, learn how YOU can earn a free Decades of Style pattern from Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley!
March / April 2015 Get ready for a great isssue of Finery!

In our first two articles, get ready for our May Goes To event at the Congress of Vienna Ball with our sister guild, The Bay Area English Regency Society (BAERS)!
Let it Go to Your Head!, Danine Cozzens Langdell writes about the fashionable head coverings of the Regency Era
Read up on the The Music of The Congress of Vienna in James Langdell's article, and finally, Elizabeth Urbach explains Californio in Clothing the Californio, 1769 to 1848 and Beyond.


September / October 2014 In our feature article this month, author Kali Pappas writes about the fashions of the Beat Generation in Beatnik Fashion: Not Every Member of the Beat Generation wore a Beret. Also, be sure to check out Ann Morton's book reviews, esp. if you need some inspiration for our Hobbit Potluck Picnic!
July / August 2014 Includes Steampunk Transformation: How I went from a historic costumer to a Steampunk and loved it by Kory Dean Doyle and Books for Summer Reading by Ann Morton, which features reviews of two books: Charles James: Beyond Fashion and Lucile Ltd: London, Paris, New York and Chicago 1890s - 1930s.
May / June 2014 In this issue's feature article, Paraphernalia for the Regency Man, Brian Cushing examines the importance of Regency gentlemen's accessories.
March / April 2014 In her article titled English, French and Burdundian Women's Bonnets in the 15th Century, expert Cynthia Barnes shares her research and hard won experience recreating the period's unique and lovely headwear.
January / February 2014 Carol Wood shares her meticulous research of the Carnival in Venice and provides us with all the inside details on historically accurate masks and the characters who wore them.


November / December 2013 Carol Wood demystifies the unmentionables in her revealing article, Bra Support Comes of Age, The history of the bra, 1920-1930.
September / October 2013 Includes Accessories for the Regency Gentleman by Chris Bertani, and The Aunt Inez's Dress Project: An Adventure in Costume Restoration by Rose Litvin which details the author's restoration of a beaded gown from the 1920's.
July / August 2013 Features SciFi Costuming on a Budget by Kathe Gust and a book review by Sahrye Cohen giving you the inside scoop on the new release, Seventeenth Century Women's Dress Patterns: Book Two