GBACG Calendar

New for 2016! — You can add the gbacg calendar to your phone's calendar app,
saving you the trouble of adding each date to your phone's calendar manually.
The calendar itself is listed as "gbacg.calendar" in google calendar.
Some calendar apps may need to add it instead as "".
Unfortunately we don't have the resources to be tech support for all electronic devices.
Here is an overview on how to add it yourself: GBACG Google Calendar

GBACG Workshop: Paper Tape Dress Form

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Make a dress form from water activated packing tape. This dress form dries light and rigid. You can stick pins in it. It's superior to duct tape since it won't stretch, sag or stink, and you won't need to stuff it.
Ticket Price: $$

GBACG goes to BAERS:
Beau Brummel Escapes! Ball

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

The Best Dressed Man in England is sneaking off on a fast packet to France to avoid his gambling debts and creditors. Which peacock will rise to take his place? Highly overdressing very much admired, but not required. Location: Alameda; Dress: Regency 1795-1820

Costume Salon: Redwood City

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Join us for potluck tea, snacks, socializing, and sharing resources. No costume is required.
If you'd like to attend, email .
Ticket Price: Free

World's Fair Picnic


Meet me at the fair! Come to a picnic to celebrate the Panama-Pacific International Exhibition of 1915, in a building built for the purpose. The Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda provides gorgeous photo opportunities as we enjoy our finery 1880-1915.

Soiree au Moulin Rouge!

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Join us in fin-de-siecle Paris for cocktails, a floor show, dancing, and revelry. Dress 1890-1910, all classes or period cancan, showgirl, or theatrical costumes. Location: Alameda Elks Lodge.
Ticket Price: $$$

GBACG goes to Dickens

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

The GBACG goes to the The Great Dickens Christmas Fair. Visit with friends and make merry in Dickens' London with our annual GBACG meet-up. We'll meet up at various locations throughout the day and admire each others costumes, meeting old friends and making new.

GBACG Open House

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

We invite all our Members, Non-members, and Sister Organization Members to join us for our annual meeting where we highlight upcoming events, raffle costume items, present a fashion show, and other fun stuff. Meet your board members, see old friends, and so much more. Location: Alameda Elks Lodge. Free for members, $5 for non-members.
Ticket Price: $

Amelia Earhart Returns!


A party to welcome Earhart back to the Bay Area after her record-breaking flight! Dress 1930s – including reporters, aviators, mechanics, etc! Location: Hiller Aviation Museum.

Bathing Beauties


Bathing Beauties is being revamped for a more fabulous bathing themed event in 2017! More information will be available at the January Open House.