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Anuska Medieval accessories.
Ancient Egyptian Various accessories for Egyptian attire.
Bandoliers for Musketeers Reproduction 17th c. bandoliers for black powder muskets.
Chain mail and More Headdresses, belts and anklets.
Chain mail by Leanashe Beautiful headdresses, foot ornaments, hand ornaments and belts.
Crown and Feather Pouches for Renaissance costumes.
Distant Caravans Belly dance jewelry & scarves.
Dragonfly Design Studio Fishnet mitts.
Emer's Closet Waist cincher.
Excalibur Leather Gloves and Bracers
Fashions Thru Time Lace jabot, detachable lace cuffs, crocheted snood, waist cincher, tiered petticoat.
History in the Making Spats, collars, suspenders, ties, parasols.
Lady MacSnood Hand-crocheted snoods in various styles, sizes and colours.
Lands Far Away Spanish shawls.
Maspien Leather Armour Leather accessories for faire garb.
Museum Replicas Armor, swords, daggers, axes, helmets.
Premier Designs Historic Clothing Late Victorian/Edwardian dress accessories for ladies & gentlemen.
Silvermane Ltd. Armour. Leather belts, back hangers, baldrics, pouches, scabbards, whips, bracers, arm guards and tankard straps.
Spatterdash Classic spats and pocket squares
Thickety Creek Sutler American Civil War Era ladies' accessories.
Shoes buckles made of brass with plated steel pinders. Copies of original buckles in museums.


Over 400 colors of seed beads, over 1000 different pressed glass beads, over 300 different handmade lamp-work beads, books, videos, looms, supplies.
Beads for Native American garments & accessories.
Over 42,000 beads, bead components and jewelry making supplies from around the world. Online ordering.
Pearls in every size, colour and shape. Bone beads, crystal, metal and glass. Online sample catalog. Full catalog can be ordered online.
Lovely, unusual beads. Large selection.
Gemstone beads, metalized, fiber optic, porcelain, glass beads & findings. Free newsletter. Online ordering.
Direct importer of Czech glass beads.
Online shopping. Seed beads, pewter, metal, findings, cut crystal, pressed glass, strings, thread, fire polished beads, rose beads, lamp beads, tools.

Books & Magazines

RECOMMENDED. Great source for out-of-print books.
RECOMMENDED. The big one; excellent search engine.
Lots of good stuff.
Large selection of hard to find books and brochures.
European history. Gorgeous books.
Vintage magazines.
Discounted catalogs for European museums.
Discount books. Inventory from Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller
RECOMMENDED. How-to books for needlework.
RECOMMENDED. Books on authentic costume, fashions & uniforms from the Civil War, Edwardian, Federalist, Regency, Victorian & other eras. Historic patterns and tailoring systems. Books on etiquette, customs, textiles, hats, corsets, sewing & needlework. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Books related to museum collections and exhibits.

Buttons & Clasps

Large selection. Good prices. Also info on button care.
Antique buttons, metal buttons, and buttons made of wood and horn.
Handcrafted calico buttons and fine porcelain buttons.
Military buttons for the Mid 19th century.
Rhinestone buttons.
Pewter buttons and clasps.
Buttons, clasps, frogs, button findings.
RECOMMENDED. Pewter buttons & clasps
Bone, glass, pewter, jet & wood buttons.
Service Notions & Trimmings
Covered buttons in all fabrics. Tel. 800.508.7353.
RECOMMENDED. 18th cent. replica buttons of mother of peal, pewter, wood and horn. Call for a catalogue. Tel. 413.296.4437
Plain and domed styple buttons in brass and German silver. Thead buttons and buttons molds.

Chatelaines & Skirt Grips

Gold or silver plaited Chatelaines. 19th c. Chatelaine safety scissors.
Made of brass.

Cleaning and Conservation

Care of ethnographic and historic textiles.


Archival boxes for printed materials and photographs constructed from acid-free materials & feature a buffing agent to neutralize any migrant acid and atmospheric pollutants. Good prices. Online ordering.
RECOMMENDED. Online ordering. Fast delivery.
Paperboard and metal edge packaging.
Archival quality materials. Huge selection. Good prices.

Corsets & Bras

Busks, lacing, spiral boning, white boning, plastic boning, bone casing, garters, boning tips.
RECOMMENDED. Both custom-made & ready-to-wear corsets. Beautiful, well-made.
Corset-making supplies. Online ordering.
Corsetry supplies.
RECOMMENDED. Custom-made corsets and matching skirts.
RECOMMENDED. Corsetry supplies.
Reproduction 1950's Bullet Bras in a wide range of sizes, seamed stockings in SML, garters and garter belts.

Craft Supplies

Construction & cutting tools, glues & adhesives. Online ordering.
Adhesives, brushes.


Supplies for Tie-Dye, Batik, Marbling, Screen-printing, Silk painting, stamping, Quilting, Block-printing, Fabric-printing, Vat-dyeing, Sun-painting.
They carry over ten brands of dyes, paints or inks with all sorts of services and auxiliary supplies for silk painting, screen printing, marbling, T-shirt painting, fabric printing, tie-dyeing, batik, stenciling and many others suitable for fabric artists.
RECOMMENDED. Everything you need for textiles: dyes, paints, brushes, kits, books, videos, steamers & stretchers. 


RECOMMENDED. Authentic fabrics, patterns, ribbons, and corsetry supplies. Large selection of Victorian fabrics with authentic printed calicos from seven different museum collections. All fabrics are  documented and every bolt has a date to indicate when the original fabric product was in production. Our fabrics date from 1740-1900.
Customized hand-dyed silks.
Rayon and cotton batik fabrics from Bali. Cotton metallic board prints.
Ungaro Premier Fabric Catalog and the Valentino Atelier Fabric Catalog.
Laces, satins, silks, dupioni, velvets, sheers, taffeta and embroideries.
Hand loomed Venetian velvets, damasks & brocades, from the Bevilacqua Weaving Co., founded in 1875.
Silk brocade and velvet. Also Hunan silk embroidery.
Upholstery fabrics, tassels & trims
Large selection. Shop in Florida.
They buy directly from the mills. Good prices. They have some beautiful fabrics, especially for Renaissance and 18th c. formal attire.
Fine European and designer fabrics. Ultra elegant catalog resembles a fashion magazine and is packed with 300 swatches, photos, couture illustrations and fashion details. Professional discounts for large purchases.
French silk reproduction fabrics for Louis XIV, Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI & Directoire. Absolutely, gorgeous fabric.
Sells quilting, sewing and fashion fabrics, including batiks, cottons, tapestries, rayon prints and imported silks. Over 12,00 fabrics in stock, including many designer fabrics. Click on the thumbnails to learn more details about the items of your choice.
Over 900 wool selections including super-fine wools; also linen, silk, cotton, luxury fibers, and a few micro fibers. Reasonable prices. Call to request swatches.
RECOMMENDED. Gorgeous fabrics. Prices are reasonable. Wholesale price for 17 yard cuts.
Mass-market fabric source offers wholesale prices on a variety of fabric types: fashion fabrics, cotton prints, craft fabrics, home decor, bridal and special occasion offerings. They also have sales sections: Clearance Closeout and Everything for $1. One yard minimum.
Large selection of fabric and notions. Some very nice cottons and linen.
Search by theme, manufacturer, or the bargain pages.
100% linen, cotton & wool at very good prices.
Japanese fabrics and fabric cord. Site is in English Orders come directly from Japan.
Broadcloths, kerseys, linen, jeans, satinet, shirtings and linings.
Cotton, muslin, nets, devore, interfacing, linen, silk. Online ordering.
Reproduction 18th & 19th c. fabrics.
Reproduction 18th & 19th c. fabrics. Good source for linen and silk hand-woven striped that is perfect for Sacque-back gowns. Very good prices. 
Suppliers of cloth to military organizations around the world. They also sell laundry supplies.
Woven, cotton fabrics from Nepal.
Craft-oriented fabrics. Download the catalog, shop online or order a printed catalog.
Damasks, brocades, sheers, velvets, chenille, tapestries, silks, prints, and trims. Retail service at wholesale prices.
100% cotton fabrics from many countries.
Russian Orthodox vestment fabric in widths of 120, 145 and 150 cm.
Clothing fabrics from Italy. In business since 1958. No minimum. Catalogue available.
Vintage fabric.
Damasks, brocades, tapestries and trimmings for church vestments, legal and academic wear, bridal wear and theatrical costumes. Since 1814, producing some of the finest English woven textiles, in designs inspired by the Northern European and the Italian Renaissance.
Large selection of fabrics directly from the mills. Especially beautiful damasks. Wholesale only.
Vintage fabrics and trims. All the vintage fabrics are authentic "deadstock".
Hand-dyed wool and mill-dyed wool.
Needle & Thread Fabrics
Not online (yet) but well worth the bother of buying fabric by phone. Located at 2215 Fairfield Rd., Gettysburg, PA 17325. Call 717.334.4011.
RECOMMENDED. Large selection of documented historic textile designs from 1740-1900. All of their textiles have been extensively researched and documented. All fabrics are 100% cotton and are machine washable. Swatches available.
Wool, silk, and rayon.
Printed cottons and muslin; some reproduction fabrics early 19th c.
17th, 18th and 19th century reproduction fabrics.
Fabrics and supplies for creating period clothing.
Cotton reproduction fabrics for costumers, 1775-1950. Also indigo-dyed prints.
Cotton, dotted Swiss, silk brocade, dimity, netting, silk chiffon, taffeta, rayon. Online ordering.
RECOMMENDED. Silk fabrics. White only.
Lining, Inter-lining, Interfacing, Batting, Organza, Batiste, Hair Canvas, Under-Collar Felt and a variety of hard-to-find supplies.
Nice presentation. Fabrics are grouped by seasons. Prices are OK but, not bargain.
Imported Indian crewel fabric; hand-embroidered wool on cotton background fabric. Wonderful for Elizabethan costumes.
Hand-woven fabric from Scotland. You can choose the colours, size, yarn and pattern to exactly the fabric you desire. If this possibility doesn't make your toes tinkle, nothing will.
Large selection of silk fabrics: shantung, dupioni, habotai, satin, etc. Good prices.
Large selection of silks in every weave. Photos and details of available fabrics. Online ordering. Good prices.
Charmeuse, Chiffon, Dupioni, Four-ply, Gauze, Noil, Organza. Also Cotton, Linen & Tencel. Fabric care tips.
Pricey, but very luxurious. They have 100% silk velvet. 
Large selection of silk, linen and canvas particularly for needlework embellishment.
Wool flannel, linen, wool and cotton tape.
One-of-a-kind quality fabrics.
RECOMMENDED. Homespun yardage in plaids, checks and strips; also linsey woolsey, huck, fustian, & various other weaves and weights of pure, or hand-dyed cotton, linen and felted wool. Call for catalog & swatches. Tel. 413.296.4437 
RECOMMENDED. Over 1400 silk fabrics from China, Korea, Thailand & India.
Raw Egyptian cotton directly from Egypt. Send email for an information sheet. FAX 002.034863348. 
Nice looking fabrics. They have an Italian linen covered in embroidery.
Online fabric shop selling authentic reproduction cotton fabrics, Oriental fabrics, museum reproduction fabrics. The store is aimed at quilters but, the fabrics are wonderful for costumers.
Antique and collectable fabrics.
Imported silks and wools, domestic cottons; all sorts of unique & exclusive fabrics. Call for a sample package which includes 80-100 swatches.
One million yards of fabric in stock. Mail order swatch sets.
Reproduction silks, prints & cottons for the 18th & early 19th centuries.
Linen, wool and hemp from England and notions, tape and lace.


Fashionable hand fans: painted, wood, leather, lace, feather and wood. Also fans for men and a selection of antique fans.
Beautiful feather fans.
Hand painted oriental decorative fans.
Spanish fans.
Ostrich feather fans.
Hand-painted silk fans.
Battenburg lace fans.


Order a catalogue online.
Chicken, Chukar, Rock Dove, Duck, Eagle (Imitation), Goose, Grouse, Guinea, Hawk (Imitation), Owl (Imitation), Hungarian Partridge, Peacock, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey, and Bird Feet.
Feather Boas. Individual feathers: ostrich, pheasant, peacock, goose, duck, guinea, partridge, rooster, turkey and maribou. Extensive colour choices.
Feather flowers, boas, plumes, swords, fans, strung plumage, pads.


19th and 20th century eye-glasses.


Victorian, Bridal, Leather, Deb, and several styles for men.
Bridal, satin, silk, cotton, lace, leather, velvet, metallic and spandex gloves.
Ladies' crochetted cotton gloves and mitts in black, white and ecru.
Fishnet, lace, satin, cotton, fingerless, sheer, Chenille, gauntlet, metallic, crochet, beaded and furry gloves.
Crocheted lace gloves.
Ingasbo Medieaval, Renaissance, Fantasy, Middle Eastern metal circlets. Many designs. Very well made and comfortable to wear.
Traditional Japanese hair combs. Beautiful color photos. The site is in Japanese only.
Hand crocheted snoods.
Designed with vintage crystals and beads on hand carved natural or black dyed bone hair sticks. Perfect for creating updos and period hairstyles.
Beautiful Elf circlets
Historical millinery for Regency, Gothic & Victorian eras.
Renaissance headpieces.
Fantasy warrior leather headpieces.
18th & 19th c. men's hats.
Period hats for the English Renaissance.
Jan Davidson Custom millinery: hats, veils, headpieces.
Dad's Hats Classic and contemporary hats for men: Panamas, Fedoras, Homburgs and more.
Davyne Dial Modiste Handmade millinery. Straw and felt hats. Silk flowers.
Dirty Billy's Hats Men's and women's hats, 17th - 19th centuries. They have ladies' 18th c. straw hats with the small crown.
Drachenstein Treasures Crowns & circlets.
East Angel Harbor Victorian Hat Shoppe Victorian and Edwardian hats for re-enactment. Custom orders available. Hat pins.
Ellin Sanger Millinery Lovely straw hats decorated with ribbon and flowers. Ideal for Edwardian, Teens & Deco.
Excalibur Leather Men's hats: Civil War, Musketeer, Cavalier, Plainsman, Fedora, Robin Hood.
Fall Creek Sutlery Men's hats of the Mid 19th century.
Fashions in Time Muffin caps, flat caps, hooded mantles, padded rolls with veil.
Frontier Silks Mountain Men/Fur Trader Era/American Frontier men's hats.
Christine Walsh Geetan Custom millinery. Tel. 415.776.5370.
Great Lookz Large Victorian and Edwardian style reproduction hats.
Hatcrafters Large selection of hat styles covering most historical eras.
Hats in the Belfry Hats and caps and berets for women & men.
Headcovers Unlimited Modern hats in styles that work for the late teens and 1920s. Nice turbans. Sleep caps. Some nice wigs.
History in the Making Men's & women's 18th & 19th c. hats.
Historic Enterprises 14th & 15th c. headwear for men & women including a charming Italian cap.
Jackson Hole Hat. Co. Men's late 19th c. western hats.
Jasmin Zorlu Custom-made hats, specialist in the Deco era. Tel. 415.351.1961.
Knight Shirts & Chainmail Accessories Chain mail headdresses.
Lady Cynthia Millinery Extravagant original designs and vintage millinery. Large online catalogue.
Louise Green Millinery Women's hats.
Medicine River Trading Company Men's hats, Fur Trade Era through 19th c.
Noel Costumier A variety of Renaissance hats and a Teens Toque and an 1818 bonnet. Hats are available plan or trimmed. The untrimmed hats are a very good buy.
Originals by Kay Ladies' mid-Victorian bonnets.
The Panama Hat Company Fine Panama hats for men and women.
ShadoWalker's Beautiful and elaborate chain mail headdresses
Thickety Creek Sutler American Civil War Era millinery. Hats for Gentlemen. Collapsible Satin Top Hats, newsboy caps, novelty Viking horns, civil war reproduction, Bowlers, Fedoras, Tricorns, Straw Boaters, Skimmers & Mississippi Gamblers, Ascot High Hat & Plush Top Hat.
Victorian Millinery For the Civil War era lady.


Egyptian jewelry.
RECOMMENDED. A mix of historic fantasy pieces and some very accurate pieces, such as the Edwardian chokers and festoon  necklaces. Very good prices.
Vintage reproduction jewelry in silver.
Lovely pieces suitable for Renaissance.
RECOMMENDED. Reproductions Classical, Byzantine, Medieval Russian, and Viking jewelry. Proprietor and artist Peter is communicative and thoughtful.
Museum quality and master carved cameos from present day to 1840. They also carry a line of fine Victorian, vintage silver and costume jewelry
Mythic, gothic, fantasy designs. Really lovely pieces.
Handmade jewelry copied from original pieces. Dark Ages, Byzantine, and Medieval.
RECOMMENDED. Reproductions of jewelry worn in Hollywood films. Really beautiful pieces. 
This line currently focuses on the period from 1840 to 1870. The findings, the stones and the stylings have been researched and are as close to original as possible. They also repair and restore many antique jewelry items and vintage watches. 
Count Alexander reproduces famous court jewels owned and worn by the French, Austrian and Russian royal houses. Gorgeous and expensive.
Lovely Victorian and Edwardian inspired jewelry.
Early Medieval, Anglo Saxon and Germanic brooches.
Black Late Victorian/Edwardian inspired chokers. Gorgeous.
Victorian, Edwardian, Deco, and Retro.


Large selection. Online ordering.
Order a catalogue online.
Buckskin, leather, and rawhide (Beef, Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Moose, Sheep) and Beaver tails.
Extensive list of tools & products for all kinds of leatherwork. Online ordering. Catalogue available.


Realistic figures, conservation forms, head mounts and accessories, flexible foam mannequins. Sales only.
Wide range of hard-to-find forms: men, swimsuit, children, and women's larger sizes.
Rents new and vintage mannequins, torsos and bust forms. Their showroom is in a converted mansion in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland, California. 
Painted layered leather masks: Green Man and faeries.
RECOMMENDED. Beautiful hand-crafted leather masks.
Men's 17th, 18th & 19th c. hats including military & Doge.
Handmade paper masks, painted & decorated; animal motifs.
Florentine Carnival masks.
RECOMMENDED. Paper mache Venetian Carnival masks.
Beautiful half-face masks.
Soft, flexible hot foam latex peel animal masks.
Large, elaborate masks with feathers and beading; for adornment & display.
Gorgeous Venetian Carnival masks. Expensive.
Large selection of inexpensive masks.

Millinery Supplies

Fine handmade millinery, silk roses, listings of millinery events.
Straw hats to decorate, trims, flowers, veiling, blocks, patterns, pins, wire, feathers, catalog, lots of photos, and -- if you happen to be in Wyoming -- hat making classes.
Basic blocked hats and supplies
The Straw Shop carries the must have Swiss Straw Work: Techniques Of A Fashion Industry book by Veronica Main. They also carry resources for millinery: Antique straw thread from Switzerland, our assortment of ready-to-use wheat straw plait, French dyed rye straw, and exclusive how to books.
New Straw hat bodies as well as vintage millinery supplies and tools.


Historical reproductions made of materials that would have been available during the period the parasol or umbrella represents
Two styles of lace parasols
Battenburg lace parasols
Made of Battenburg lace and hand-decorated from simple colored and glittered styles, to more elaborate parasols with flowers, feathers and anything else you might be able to dream up. Custom work available.
Lace trimmed parasols
Hand-made parasols
Battenburg lace parasols.
Pattern Drafting
Pattern Works International Experienced at drafting patterns from vintage garments, drawings and photographs.


Perfumes of the 1940s - 1970s recreated from the original formulas.
Perfumes from the 1930s -1960s recreated from the original formulas..


Primary sources, meticulous research and documentation available on CD.


Ribbons, rose buds and bows since 1928. Custom dying.
Assorted ribbons in a variety of widths, prints, patterns, and solid colors. Pre-made ribbon roses, bumble bees, butterflies, and daisies. Lots of interesting info on their website.
RECOMMENDED. Gorgeous silk ribbons. 
100% silk ribbon (taffetas and satins). Large selection. Organdy and taffeta garland trim.
French wired, vintage rayon, silk and velvet.
Silk satin & china silk ribbon.

Sewing Tools & Supplies

Vintage Sewing Supplies
Smocking & other fine needlework supplies. Publishers of The Best of Australian Smocking & Embroidery. Back issues available.
Sewing & quilting notions, buttons, iron-on appliqués, trims, construction & cutting tools, fasteners, glues & adhesives, interfacings & stabilizers, machine needles & accessories, marking & measuring tools, thread. Online ordering.
Carries different sizes and colors of grommets, grommet fastening kits, and grommet setters. $10 minimum purchase.
Tools for heirloom sewing.
Eyelets, hooks & eyes, lace making supplies.
Molded Beeswax for hand sewers.
RECOMMENDED. Awls, Lace bobbins, Lucets, Lace Tatting sets, Netting sets, Scissors, Tambour hook handles, Tatting shuttles, Trolley needles, silk thread & ribbon.
Custom made dress forms.
RECOMMENDED. Large selection of diverse tools for all needlework. Catalogue available.
Trims, appliqués, buttons, dolls, 18', doll accessories, bridal supplies, braids, woven labels, name tapes, bias tape, laces, fabric, interfacing, books, elastics, cone thread, notions, beads, rhinestones, pearls, ribbons, bows, zippers, quilting, crafts and home décor supplies.
RECOMMENDED. Irons, needles, steamers, hangers.
Designer and manufacturer of quality sewing aids for quilting, sewing, and needlework.
Cutting Tools, Fasteners, Hand Sewing Supplies, Seam Binding, and a variety of hard-to-find supplies.
Sewing Supplies and Equipment: threads, zippers, dress forms, buttons, chalks, markers, snaps, fasteners, irons, machines (including parts & accessories), needles, thread racks, hand sewing supplies, tailoring supplies, hooks/eyes, tapes, ribbons, elastic, lining, interfacing, shoulder pads, cleaning supplies, shears, scissors, cutting tools, pressing aids, rules, measuring tools, notions, hangers.
Kits, thread (huge selection), accessories, books, magazines, designs.
RECOMMENDED. Kits, tools, patterns, instruction guides covering a large variety of historic fabric arts. Call for a catalogue. Tel. 413.296.4437 
Needlework tools.

Shoes and Boots

1824 Arnott Mason Riding boots for men & women. They have extra wide calf sizes.
Aurora Shoe Co. Handcrafted shoes for men & women; suitable for Medieval/Early Renaissance.
Ballroom Connection Ballroom shoes for men and women. Many styles are appropriate for the late teens through the 1930s.
Ballroom Dance Supply Shoes for men and women in many styles that are correct for the Deco era. Wide range of sizes.
Boots by Bohemond Middle ages. Middle Eastern dancing shoes, Persian boots, and Mongolian boots.
By the Sword Roman, Medieval and Renaissance shoes and boots.
Chivalry Sports RECOMMENDED. Men's front laced suede boots; great value.
Dance Store Swing era style shoes for men & women.
Dream Shoes Handmade leather shoes; styles appropriate for the Ancient World & Medieval/Renaissance.
El Charro Flamenco shoes.
Fall Creek Sutlery Men's shoes and boots of the Civil War era.
Frontier Silks Mountain Men/Fur Trade Era/American Frontier men's moccasins & boots.
Fugawee RECOMMENDED. 18th and 19th c. shoes for men & women.
MenShoeNet Hundreds of styles for men; many 20th c. styles; separate section for vintage swing.
Medieval Moccasins Authentic shoes and boots for Medieval attire.
Natasha's Cafe RECOMMENDED. Greek sandals.
Past Class Roman, Medieval, Early Turn shoes, Renaissance, Gillies, 17th c., and kid's Turn shoes.
Peter Fox Shoes Ladies shoes. Many styles for the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Gorgeous. Hugely expensive. The do a lot of shoes for film.
Plantagenet Shoes Handmade historically accurate shoes. 10th through the 19th centuries.
Re-Mix Vintage Shoes Authentically reproductions of popular shoes from the 1940's to the 60's for men and women. Women's shoes are only available in sizes 5-11, Medium widths. Men's shoes in sizes 8-12, D widths only.
The Rowan Tree RECOMMENDED. Custom-made Medieval boots.
Rus-Lan  RECOMMENDED. Custom-made shoes for men and women. Absolutely extraordinary. He can make anything of any era.
Sarah Juniper Hand sewn shoes & boots: 17th - 19th c.
Savoy Style Bleyer swing dance shoes for men & women
Shrader Bootmaker Reproduction of almost any period boots; men & women.
Silvermane Ltd. Boots for Medieval/Renaissance, Cavalry, Cavalier, Musketeer. 17th c. Shoes.
Sodhoppers Medieval shoes for men and women.
Son of Sandlar Beautiful Medieval/Renaissance styles.
Spear's Specialty Shoe Co. Clown shoes.
Sunstrider Rope Sandals Popular style often worn at Faire.
Tara Tango Shoes Really pretty 1940s style shoes for women.
Wellco Enterprises Inc. US Military standard issue shoes and boots.
White's Boots Custom-made & catalog boots.
Shoes buckles made of brass with plated steel pinders. Copies of original buckles in museums.
Wilma Accessories Ltd. Riding boots.
YataHai Moccasins.
Stockings & Tights 
Center Stage Costumes Men's tights, both footed and footless; parti-colored & slashed available. Expensive.
Dragonfly Design Studio Spider web & fishnet pantyhose, striped tights.
Faire Pair Tights and Such Solid & paneled tights.
Hamilton Dry Goods Striped over-the-knee socks for 18th c. attire. Various color combinations.
Hosiery Seamed stockings; Cuban & Havana heels.
Renaissance Dancewear Tights.
Tights On Line For ladies & kids, cotton tights, lots of colors and textures.


RECOMMENDED. Tassels, trimmings, fringes, bullions, gimps, tapes, cords, curtain tiebacks & other accessories such as buttons & rosettes.


Notions, trims and accessories for Civil War reproduction clothing.
Wide variety of fabric trims, from simple cotton weaves, to elaborate Byzantine borders. 
Very large selection including military braid
Vintage trims.
Wholesale suppliers of trim and passementerie imported from Europe and Asia. Links to retailers that sell the trims Palladia Passementerie carries.
RECOMMENDED. Trims from all over the world. They sell via a storefront on
RECOMMENDED. Gorgeous trims. Many unusual trims from Europe including wide silk embroidered trim and lace.
Costly but, beautiful trims.
Very reasonable prices and in small or large quantities.
All kinds of lace, net embellishments, metallics, braids, and ruffled products.

Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing with an Asian Twist
Vintage clothing 1800 to present.
1930s through 1970s clothing for men and women: dresses, suits, coats, swimwear, accessories. Special section for curvier sizes.
Victorian/Edwardian ladies dresses and accessories.
18th century through the mid-20th century.
Fun site for the NYC store located in SOHO.
Clothing for men and women Victorian through the 1950s. Good information about each piece.
Men's & women's Victorian through the 1970's. Also shoes, photographs & magazines.
A great source for vintage and contemporary Couture. Prices are high.
Antique, vintage, couture and celebrity ladies dress.
Ladies clothing. Special sections for Bridal and Lingerie.
19th c. antique clothing and accessories for men, women & children and Militaria.
Nice selection of 20th century clothing. Good section called Vintage 101 with info for the new vintage collector (sizing, care, etc.)
RECOMMENDED. Women's clothing 1880-1930. Also Baby items, lace, and embroidery.
Victorian - 1980s women's fashions and accessories.
Clothing for guys and gals 1930s-1970s.
Men's and women's clothing; accessories and a bargain basement.
1930s-1950s clothes and accessories for men and women.
Specializing in antique and vintage purses, ladies compacts, Victorian jewelry elegant antique Victorian and Edwardian lady's clothing and accessories 1850s -1950's.
Schedule and locations.
Victorian - 1950s clothing for men and women. Ladies millinery & accessories.
Vintage Vixen Very large collection for men and women. Some nice searching options. 20th century; very pretty 1930s dresses and 1940s jackets. Lots more. In business since 1997.


Period styled wigs sold through her website and on eBay.
Styled wigs at reasonable prices.
Large catalog of wigs for men and women.
Wings with 4, 6 or 10 petals. Hand painted and decorated. They come with generous lengths of tulle as tie-on straps.

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