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Copies of vintage patterns from the 1920s  with an emphasis on 1920-25.The patterns are hand-copied to 'Tru-Grid', a lightweight, durable, non-woven fabric resembling interfacing, with a one-inch grid stamped on it to make pattern alterations easy for you.Each pattern comes with a colour copy of the front and back of the envelope and a black & white copy of any instructions contained inside the pattern.

Acme Notions
Vintage patterns for men, women and children: Advance, Butterick, DuBarry, Hollywood, McCalls, Photo Play, Simplicity and Vogue. Each pattern has been checked to make sure it is complete.

Atlanta History Center
The center offers patterns made from garments in their collection. Color photos of the original garment and booklet with historical sewing notes included in the pattern package. Sold through Peachtree Mercantile.

Ageless Patterns
Blue/black line reproductions of authentic patterns from 1869-1900. Seam allowances, markings, straight of grain and minimal sewing instructions have been added. Instructions for sizing up or down are also included. A printed catalog can be ordered; they also sell a useful book with articles and information about sewing these original patterns.

Alter Years
Alter Years patterns and many other pattern companies (also extensive sewing supplies). Catalog available to purchase.

Amazon Dry goods
The pattern catalog contains over 1100 patterns and can be ordered online. Patterns are not yet available to purchase online. They also have catalogs for custom made shoes and a variety of accessories and sewing supplies.

Beki's Sewing Patterns
Vintage Advance , McCalls, Simplicity, and Vogue patterns for men, women, and children. 1940-present. Many of the patterns are unused.

Belly Dance Costume Patterns
Atira's Fashions, Folkwear, and Sula.

Birch Street Clothing
Small pattern company, contemporary designs but workable for sci fi.

The Blue Gardena
Vintage patterns 1920s-1960s. Contemporary discontinued patterns.

Buckaroo Bobbins
Very attractive site. Colour photos and large line drawings of all patterns. Late Victorian attire for men and women. They are marketing themselves in the western wear area but, actually these patterns will work well for any late 19th century events. Patterns for men, women, and children include shirts, vests, blouses, skirts, jackets, a gorgeous frock coat and a wonderful polonaise gown.

Well-crafted patterns. Modern designs, but many could be adapted to a variety of eras such as Deco, Fantasy, and SciFi.

Burnley and Trowbridge Co.
J.P. Ryan, Kanniks Korner , and Mill Farm. Very nice online ordering. Catalog and Swatches $5.00.

Commercial patterns available in major fabric stores. Limited line of lovely Retro patterns. Expanded and good line of costume patterns.

Chivalry Sports Renaissance Store
Costume Connection, Fantasy Fashions and Period Patterns (aka Mediaeval Miscellanea).

Crazy Crow Trading Post
Patterns for a Cherokee Tear dress, a Native American Ribbon shirt, and Plain style moccasins.

Criswell Embroidery & Design
Embroidery and lace designs on floppy disks for computerized hoop embroidery machines.

Crochet Treasures
Vintage patterns for a number of misc. crochet items such as handbags and collars. Also, Alice Brooks and Laura Wheeler patterns. 1900 thru 1959.
Decades of Style
High-quality reproductions of the vintage sewing patterns. Available in 12 sizes in every style from bust size 30" up through bust size 55".
D.L. Designs Hat Patterns
Period and Modern Hat Patterns for Men and Women.

Dragonfly Designs
Alter Years, D.L. Designs, Fantasy Fashions, Folkwear, Kannik's Corner, Laughing Moon, MoiRandall's, Olde Country Costumes, Past Patterns, Rocking Horse Farm, Smoke and Fire.
New, used, discontinued and vintage patterns. Prices vary widely from really good deals to outrageously expensive.

Ethnic Patterns  
Patterns for native attire of Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Fall Creek Sutlery
Civil war patterns for men and women. They carry the line formerly known as The Great American Pattern Emporium. The new name is Homespun Patterns. All patterns are copied from actual garments and uniforms in the collections of the Kentucky Historical Society, The Kentucky Military Museum, and private collections.

Laughing Moon, Making Time, Pattern Studio (Hats & Gloves), Truly Victorian. A wonderful website with extensive useful information.

Faerie Fingers
Patterns for Cosplay costumes (anime and video game characters).

Fig Leaf Patterns
1790's garments, mid-19th century, 1860's, 1889, and 1917 Officers Trench Coat.

Five Rivers Chapmanry 
Alter Years, Attic Copies, Buckaroo Bobbins, Costume Connection, D.L. Designs, Eagle's View, Folkwear, Harriet's TCS, Heidi Marsh, Heirloom Patterns, Kannik's Korner, La Fleu de Lyse, La Mode Bagatelle, Mantua Maker, Mill Farm, Missouri River, Montana Moon, Northwest Traders, Old World Enterprises, Past Patterns. Patterns of History, Pegee of Williamsburg, Period Impressions, Period Patterns, Smoke & Fire.  Line drawings of each pattern along with a description and sizing information. Practical and helpful assessment of the accuracy and difficulty of each pattern company. Secure website for online ordering. Very prompt service. Highly recommended

A very attractive website with colour photos of many of the patterns made up. In addition to their full catalog, they offer a 30% discount on discontinued patterns and information about upcoming patterns. Highly recommended

Galla Rock Mercantile
American Civil War era patterns, military and civilian. Online ordering.

Garden Fairies Trading Company
Design & Planning Concepts, Folkwear, Grainline Gear, June Koburn Designs, Kathy Neal, Kayla Kennington, Lois Ericson Patterns, Lyn Weeks, Martha Pullen Designs, Our Designs, Paw Prints, Sandy Hunter, and Smickety Smocks. A combination of Art to Wear patterns, Heirloom Sewing and Smocking patterns. Online ordering. 
Grandma's House
New sewing patterns, used sewing patterns, discontinued sewing patterns, out of print sewing patterns, previously owned sewing patterns, old sewing patterns, antique sewing patterns, and vintage sewing patterns. Prices are OK; not bargains but, fair.

Green Pepper Patterns
Sci Fi Costumers take note. This site has a pattern for racing suit. It's designed for skiing but could easily work for a space uniform/flight suit.

Grand Garb
Alter Years, Fantasy Fashions, Folkwear, Kannak's Korner, Laughing Moon, Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns, Past Patterns, Pegee of Williamsburg, Truly Victorian. Sewing supplies. Online ordering.

Harriet's TCS
Patterns for men, women, and children. Emphasis is definitely era of the hoop, but she also has a small selection for the 1840s and the 18th c. Of particularly interest: two men's military uniform patterns from WWI and WWII.

Hightower Crafts
Petty Chapman Patterns for Viking, Medieval, 16th C., English Civil War, 18th c. and 19th c.; also Simplicity Medieval and Renaissance costume patterns.

International Fabric Collection
Deborah Brunner, Design & Sew Patterns, Eastwind Art, Judy Bishop Designs, Lorraine Torrence Designs, Maggie Walker Design, Nancy Mirman, The Rag Merchant.

International Flat Pattern Repository And Exchange
They acquire, catalog, database, preserve original patterns and distribute copies of garment patterns that have historical, research or practical value to costume & fashion designers, cutters, re-enactors, historians, vintage clothing reproducers.

Irish Threads
They sell one pattern for an Irish dance dress.

Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions
Crochet and Knitting pattern manuals.

James Country Mercantile, Inc.
Buckaroo Bobbins, Eagle's View, Harriett Engler, Folkwear, Heidi Marsh, Homespun Patterns, Miller's Millinery, Old World Enterprises, Past Patterns, Patterns of History, Pegee of Williamsburg, Period Impressions and Tailor's Guide. Extremely nice people to deal with. Highly recommended

Jas. Townsend & Son
Eagle's View, Folkwear, J.P. Ryan, Pegee of Williamsburg.

J.P. Ryan
18th c. patterns for ladies and gentlemen, including ladies undergarments. Patterns are available in a wide range of sizes from very small to extra, extra large. Extremely well crafted and historically accurate patterns. 

Judith M.
Hat and glove patterns. Hat patterns include both sewn and crochet styles. Several of her hat patterns are good for the Teens and Deco eras. She also sells millinery supplies.

Kannik's Korner
Various historic costume patterns.

It takes a bit of digging to find the patterns. This website is not intuitive; it's not even helpful. Click on Lacis Online Catalog/Lacis Products/Patterns to see the small selection of patterns with illustrations. Click on Lacis Online Catalog/Lacis Products/Catalog Price List/Patterns to see the entire list of patterns available. On the plus side, they have a lot of patterns and ship promptly (usually the same day you place the order) and are very pleasant to deal with.

La Fleur de Lyse
New line of patterns from Quebec, Canada. Instructions in English English. The lines offers patterns for men and women for 18th century French costume and Medieval costume. The 18th century costumes were created for the re-enactment of the French colony period called Nouvelle-France.

La Mode Bagatelle
The most beautiful pattern presentation on the market today. They offer a ladies Regency wardrobe and a package of Artistic Reform Tea Gowns. These packages are amazing: they contain historical information, drawings, and full size patterns in sizes 6-22. La Mode Bagatelle is no longer in business but, there wonderful patterns are still being sold by Ravenrook Ltd.

Laughing Moon
A small line offering well-drafted historic patterns. Victorian, Edwardian and Teens. Online ordering. New patterns added at a slow but, steady pace (quality takes a bit longer). There are large color photos of each of the patterns made up, along with line drawings and complete descriptive information. Patterns are available in sizes 2-26. The Victorian corset pattern is available in cup sizes A through 4D.  Highly recommended

Lola Gentry Originals
Western and English riding apparel patterns for men, women, and children.

The Lost Coast Historical Pattern and Re-enactment Company
Historical and fantasy patterns for the re-enactment and costume enthusiasts. Folkwear, Laughing Moon, Sense & Sensibility and Truly Victorian. Highly recommended.

Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns
Complete wardrobe packages for Elizabethan ladies and gentlemen. Highly recommended.

Period patterns from the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.

Mary & Eva Did It
Crochet and tatting patterns for gloves, purses, hats, and accessories.

Easy commercial patterns available in major fabric stores. . They offer some patterns they have a recognizable historic influence (for example, an evening gown inspired by a dress in the film Titanic).

Historically-inspired original clothing designs for the Science Fiction, Renaissance Faire, and Fantasy Literature enthusiast.
Monster Patterns 
Abakadabra, Akasha Clothing, A Little More Effect, Back Porch Press, Bareroots, Black Cat Creations, CNT Patterns, Cutting Line Designs, Fashions By CONI, Favorite Things, Grainline Gear, Great Copy, Green Pepper, Kwik-Sew, Lorraine Torrence, Mt. Home Collectibles, Pattern Central, Pattern Studio, Petite Plus, Sew Baby, Stretch & Sew.

Northwest Traders
An extensive line of authentic patterns for the western mountain man, voyageur of the north, Native American, or military from the French and Indian Wars to the Civil war. A few patterns for women are available.

Northern Society for Costume and Textiles
The Society has produced a number of Pattern Packs designed to allow a competent dressmaker to make exact replicas of historical costumes from various periods. The patterns are drawn to scale on squared paper so that they may be scaled up or down according to requirements. The patterns include full instructions for the dressmaker plus some historical detail about the costume and a colour photograph of the original garment. 
Octagon Ladies' Society
Designed and created by Lynne Bury and Elizabeth Rock, these patterns provide authentic looking items for the beginning seamstress with average skills, using simple construction methods.

Once Upon a Pattern
Victorian knitting and crochet patterns translated for today. Some nice photos of finished items circa 1850s and 1860s (such as a Fascinator bonnet, a pelerine shawl, and a gentleman's neck warmer). Patterns are very reasonably priced. This is a terrific resource for the Civil War era reenactor.

Past Patterns
Well crafted patterns for men and women, 1830s -1920s. The website has attractive colour drawings and complete information. The Attic Copies vintage patterns are also available. Online ordering. Prompt response to orders.
Patterns from the Past
Vintage, used and discontinued patterns from the 1920s to the present.

Patterns of History
Authentic 19th century patterns based on garments from the collections of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Extensive information on the original garments, the styles of each era and photos of every pattern made up. Online ordering. A very attractive site and extremely easy to navigate. Highly recommended

Pattern of Time
A very large online catalog offering patterns from Medieval through the 19th c. Alter Years, Costume Connection, Fantasy Fashions, Folkwear, Laughing Moon, MoiRandall's, NS, Past Patterns, Patterns of History, Period Patterns, Period Impressions, J. P. Ryan, and Wingeo. Large, clear illustrations of all the patterns. Easy online ordering.

Pattern Studio
Glove and hat making patterns.

Patterns from the Past
New and used commercial patterns, 1920s - 1990s.

Period Hats by Lynn McMasters
Fabric covered buckram Elizabethan and Medieval hat patterns for men and women.

Period Patterns
Medieval and Renaissance patterns for men and women. Easy to use website (much easier to use than their patterns).

Artistic wearable patterns in sizes XS to 5XL. Many of their patterns are Asian-influenced. Very good patterns for sci fi costumers.

J.P. Ryan, Harriet's TCS, Heidi Marsh, Kannik's Korner, Miller's Milinery, Old Worlde Enterprises, Past Patterns, Patterns of History, Pegee of Williamsburg, Rocking Horse Farm. Printable order form. Checks only.

Reconstructing History  
Online pattern company. They offer three pattern lines: 17th century, Irish, and late Elizabethan. Polish and Landsknecht coming next. Lots of good research info, practical hints, project journals and photos. Online ordering. Email help.

Retro/Fit Patterns     
New company with patterns for bridal and ladies's evening wear inspired by designs of the 1920's, 30's and 40's. Fabrics and accessories will be added soon. Order by phone or email. Online ordering coming soon.

Richard the Thread
Period patterns with direction. Gothic, Renaissance, Elizabethan, Restoration, Civil War, Bustle, Victorian, Gay 90's, Late Victorian, and Edwardian. Men sizes 36 to 48 / Women 6 to 16. 

Rocking Horse Farm
They offer 90 vintage and historical clothing patterns from medieval to 1950. Some patterns are taken directly from vintage patterns, but most are researched from original outfits and/or period paintings. They have a free catalog.

Rusty Zipper
Commercial patterns from the 1940s through the 1980s.

Scandinavian Origins
Original/historically correct designs in English with clear instructions and graphics. 18th century folk costume design from the from Scandinavia.

Sense and Sensibility
Ladies period attire: Regency, Edwardian, Teens & Swing. Jennie's patterns are all drafted using standardized American measurements. Lots of photos of the patterns made up; helpful hints, suggestions, fixes.  Highly recommended.

Sewing Central
Costume Connection, Eagle's View, Kannik's Korner, Past Patterns, Period Patterns (aka Mediaeval Miscellanea) and Truly Victorian.

Recent and recently out of print patterns from Burda, Butterick, Green Pepper, It's So Easy,  Kwik Sew, McCalls, New Look, Simplicity, Stretch & Sew and Vogue. Online ordering.

Silk Poppy
Copies of vintage patterns. Copies of each pattern are available in the indicated size. Patterns are traced onto paper, notches and perforations are marked, and notations are transcribed. A copy of the pattern envelope and instructions are included. 

Commercial patterns available in major fabric stores. They have a large and very good costume line, including several 19th century patterns that are accurate and very well done.

Smoke and Fire
Colonial, Scottish, and Medieval patterns.

So Vintage Patterns
Specializes in vintage patterns from 1900-1970s with an emphasis on the 1940s and 50s.

Soft Memories
Antique crochet patterns.
Songal Collectibles
Vintage patterns 1910s through 1950s (and some newer).

Equestrian patterns. Tailored English riding habits and western attire. Free catalog. Online ordering. Patterns for men, women & children. Size chart online.
Tailor's Guide
Historically accurate for the Civil War, Colonial, Fur Trade, and Western Frontier eras.

Talbot's Fine Accessories
Patterns for Medieval, Viking, Celtic, and Danish boots, Medieval Turn Shoes, and Renaissance shoes.

Timeless Stitches
Mid-19th century patterns for men, women and children, including plus size patterns. Custom patterns are also available. Patterns drafted by company owner, Lynne Harriman. Online ordering. Patterns are also for sale at Civil War reenactments; schedule on the website.

Truly Victorian
Costume patterns from the 1840's to the 1890's. Specializing in the bustle era. Colour photos of most of the patterns made up. Highly recommended

Vintage Pattern Lending Library
Redrawn copies of antique sewing and needlework patterns.

Vintage Martini
Vintage patterns, Victorian through 1950s for men, women, and children. Also accessory patterns.

Commercial patterns available in major fabric stores. Known for their elegant, couture designs and high level of difficulty. They are reissuing some of their old patterns under the line Vintage Vogue.

Wm. Booth, Draper
Fig Leaf, La Fleur de Lyse, J.P. Ryan, Kannik's Korner, Mill Farm, NFM, Northern Society of Costume & Textiles, Past Patterns

Windows Thru Time
Alter Years and Fantasy Fashions. Online ordering. This site also has information on creating Renaissance costumes. They sell fabric and notions.

Clothing and millinery patterns for men and women, 12th through the 20th centuries. Colour photos of a few of the patterns made up.

Moccasin patterns for Yaqui, Sioux, Zuni, Shawnee, Shoshone,  Comanche, and Keltoi styles. 

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