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General History of Costume

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Art Deco Jewelry Ribbonwork 18th Century
Conservation Legwear Sewing Instruction 19th Century
Edwardian Make-up Shoes 20th Century
Fans Medieval Teens 1920's
Film Men Textiles 1930's
Greco/Roman Purses Undergarments 1940's
Hair Regency Victorian 1950's
Hats Renaissance 17th Century  
General History of Costume
  • 20,000 Years of Fashion, The History of Costume and Personal Adornment by Francois Boucher. Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
  • 900 Years of English Costume by Nancy Bradfield. Crescent Books, 1938.
  • The Art of Dress, Clothes and Society 1500-1914 by Jane Ashelford. Harry N. Abrams Inc., 1996.
  • Common Threads, A Parade of American Clothing by Lee Hall. Little, Brown and Company, 1992.
  • The Complete History of Costume and Fashion From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day by Bronwyn Cosgrave. Checkmark Books, 2000.
  • Costume, An Illustrated Survey from Ancient Times to the 20th Century by Margot Lister. Plays Inc., 1968.
  • Costume & Fashion, A Concise History by James Laver. Thames and Hudson, 1985.
  • Costume and Fashion in Colour,1550-1760 by Jack Cassin-Scott . Blandford Press, 1977.
  • Costume in Detail 1730-1930 by Nancy Bradfield. Plays Inc., 1968, Reprinted 1981, 1983, 1993.
  • Cut of Men's Clothes: 1600-1900 by Norah Waugh. Theatre Arts Books, 1994 .
  • The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930 by Norah Waugh. Theatre Arts Book,1994 .
  • Dress and Undress by Iris Brooke. Methuen & Co. LTD., 1958 .
  • English Costume From the Second Century B.C. to 1950 by Doreen Yarwood. Crown Pub., 1952.
  • The Evolution of Fashion: Pattern and Cut from 1066 to 1930 by Margot Hamilton Hill and Peter Bucknell. Batsford Press, 1969.
  • Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed by Harold Koda and  Philippe de Montebello. Yale Univ Press, 2001.
  • Fashion, A History from the 18th to the 20th Century, The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute by Akiko Fukai, Tamami Suoh, Miki Iwagami, Reiko Koga and Rii Nie. Taschen, 2002.
  • Fashion For Men, An Illustrated History by Diana de Marly. Holmes & Meier, 1985.
  • Fashion, From Ancient Egypt to the Present Day by Mila Contini. Crescent Books, 1965.
  • Fashion in Costume 1200-1980 by Joan Nunn. New Amsterdam Books, 1984.
  • Fashion in History, Apparel in the Western Worlds by Marybelle S. Bigelow. Burgess Pub. Co., 1970.
  • Fashion in the Western World 1500-1990 by Doreen Yarwood. Drama Book Pub., 1992.
  • Fashion, The Mirror of History by Michael and Ariane Batterberry. Greenwich House, 1977.
  • Four Hundred Years of Fashion by Natalie Rothstein, Editor. Victoria and Albert Museum, 1992.
  • The Gallery of Fashion by Aileen Ribeiro. Princeton Univ. Press, 2000.
  • Goddess: The Classical Mode by Harold Koda. Yale Univ. Press, 2003.  
  • Haute Couture & Pret-A-Porter, Mode 1750-2000, A Choice from the Costume Collection, Municipal Museum The Hague (English Language Version). Waanders Uitgevers, 1998.
  • Historic Costume, A Chronicle of Fashion in Western Europe 1490-1790 by Francis M. Kelly & Randolph Schwabe. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1925.
  • History of American Costume by Elizabeth McClellan.Tudor Pub. Co., 1904, 1910, 1937, 1969.
  • History of Costume by Blanche Payne. Harper Collins, 1965.
  • A History of Fashion by J. Anderson Black and Madge Garland. Black Cat, 1975, 1980, 1990.
  • Mirror of Fashion, A History of European Costume 1789-1929 by Margarete Braun-Ronsdorf. McGraw-Hill Company, 1964.  
  • Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress by Richard Martin. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1994.
  • Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women C1560-1620 by Janet Arnold. Drama Publishers, 1985.
  • Patterns of Fashion: 1660-1860 by Janet Arnold. Drama Publishers, 1977.
  • Patterns of Fashion 2: Englishwomen's Dresses and Their Construction c1860-1940 by Janet Arnold. Drama Publishers, 1977.
  • Period Costume for Stage and Screen, Patterns for Women's Dress 1500-1800 by Jean Junnisett. Players Press, Inc., 1991.  
  • Picturing French Style, Three Hundred Years of Art and Fashion by Jill Berk Jimenez.  Mobile Museum of Art, 2002.
  • Racinet's Full-Color Pictorial History of Western Costumes from the Middle Ages to 1800 by Auguste Racinet. Dover Pubs., 1987.
  • What People Wore : 1,800 Illustrations from Ancient Times to the Early Twentieth Century by Douglas Gorsline . Dover Pubs., 1994.
Art Deco
  • Art Deco: 1910-1939 by Tim Benton, Charlotte Benton and Ghislaine Wood. Bulfinch, 2003. Dover Pubs., 1999.
  • Art Deco Fashion by Suzanne Lussier. Bulfinch, 2003.  
  • Art Deco Fashion, French Designers 1908-1925 by Martin Battersby. St. Martin 's Press, 1984.  
  • Art Deco Fashion and Jewelry. Grange Books, 1998.  
  • Divinely Elegant, The World of Ernst Dryden by Anthony Lipmann. Pavilion Books Ltd., 1989.
  • A Fashion for Extravagance: Art Deco Fabrics and Fashions by Sara Bowman and Michel Molinare. E P Dutton, 1985.  
  • The Golden Age of Style, Art Deco Fashion Illustration by Julian Robinson. Gallery Books, 1976.  
  • Paris Fashions: The Art Deco Style of the 1920s by Madeleine Ginsburg. Gallery Books, 1989.  
  • Poiret, Paul Poiret 1879-1944 by Yvonne Deslandres with Dorothee Lalanne. Rizzoli, 1986.
  • Taisho Chic: Japanese Modernity, Nostalgia, and Deco by Kendall H. Brown, Sharon A. Minichiello. Honolulu Academy of Arts, 2002.
  • Vintage Fashions for Women 1920s-1940s by Kristina Harris. Schiffer Pub. Ltd., 1996.
  • The Care and Preservation of Textiles by Karen Finch and Greta Putnam. Lacis Pub., 1991.
  • Caring for Your Cherished Possessions : The Experts' Guide to Cleaning, Preserving, and Protecting Your China, Silver, Furniture, Clothing, Paintings by Mary K. Levenstein. Three Rivers Press, 1994.
  • The Mender's Manual: Repairing and Preserving Garments and Bedding by Estelle J. Foote. Harcourt, 1984.
  • Preserving Textiles: A Guide for the Nonspecialist by Harold F. Mailand and Dorothy Stites Alig. Indianapolis Museum of Art Press, 1999.
  • Textile Conservation Edited by Jentina E. Leene. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1972.
  • The Textile Conservator's Manual by Sheila Landi. Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd., 1992.
  • Your Vintage Keepsake: A CSA Guide to Costume Storage and Display Margaret T. Ordonez. Texas Tech Univ. Press, 2001.
  • 59 Authentic Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns by Kristina Harris. Dover Pubs., 1994.
  • Children's Fashions, 1860-1912: 1,065 Costume Designs from La Mode Illustree by JoAnne Olian. Dover Pubs., 1994.
  • The Edwardian Modiste: 85 Authentic Patterns With Instructions, Fashion Plates, and Period Sewing Techniques edited by Frances Grimble. Lavolta Press, 1997.
  • An Edwardian Observer, The Photographs of Leslie Hamilton Wilson by Clark Worshwick. Pennwick Pub. Co., 1978.
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  • Everyday Fashions, 1909-1920, as Pictured in Sears Catalogs by JoAnne Olian. Dover Pubs., 1995.
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  • Turn-of-the-Century Fashion Patterns and Tailoring Techniques by S.S. Gordon. Dover Pubs., 2000.
  • The Voice of Fashion: 79 Turn-Of-The Century Patterns With Instructions and Fashion Plates edited by Frances Grimble. Lavolta Press, 1998.
  • Women's Fashions of the Early 1900s, An Unabridged Republican of New York Fashions, 1901 by the National Cloak & Suit Co. Dover Pubs., 1992.
  • Beauty in Hand: The Art of the Fan by Pamela A. Parmal. Rhode Island School of Design Museum, 1990.
  • Celluloid Hand Fans by Cynthia Fendel. Hand Fan Productions, 2001.
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  • A Collector's Guide to Fans by Susan Mayor.Wellfleet Press, 1990.
  • Eventails by Alexandre F. Tcherviakov. Parkstone, 1998.
  • The Fan: Fashion and Femininity Unfolded by Valerie Steele. Rizzoli, 2002.
  • The Fan Museum by Harley Preston, Michelle Morgan and Michael Dean. Pub. Fan Museum, 2002.
  • Fans. Christie's South Kensington, 1997.
  • Fans by Alexander F. Tcherviakov and Karl Lagerfield. Parkstone Press, 1999.
  • Fans by Avril Hart, Emma Taylor and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Quite Specific Media Group, 1998.
  • Fans by Carol E. Mayer. The Vancouver Museum, 1983.
  • Fans by Helene Alexander. Shire Publications, 2003.
  • Fans by S. Mayor. New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd., 1991.
  • Fans by Kay Staniland and Valerie Cumming. Museum of London, 1985.
  • Fans in Fashion: Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Stable Court Galleries, Temple Newsam, Leeds LS15 OHE, 26 March-17 May 1975 and at the Gallery of English Costume, Platt Hall, Manchester M14 5LL, 24 May-27 August. Pub. Leeds City Art Gallery, 1975.
  • Fans in Fashion: Selections from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco by Anna G. Bennett. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1980.
  • Fan Tales by Philippe Mesmer. Parkstone Press, 2002.
  • Paper Fans by Claudio Salsi. Be-Ma Editrice, 1988.
  • The Age of Innocence, A Portrait of the Film by Martin Scorese and Jay Cocks. Newmarket Press, 1993.
  • The Art of Gormenghast, The Making of a Television Fantasy by Estelle Daniel. Harper Collins, 2000.
  • The Art of Star Trek by Judith Reeves-Stevens and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Star Trek, 1997.
  • Cecil Beaton Stage and Film Designs by Charles Spenser. Academy Editions, 1975.
  • Coppola and Eiko on Bram Stoker's Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola and Eiko Ishioka. Collins Pub., 1992.
  • Costume Design in the Movies by Elizabeth Leese. Dover Pubs., 1999.
  • Costume Design: Screen Craft by Deborah Nadoolman Landis. Rotovision, 2003.
  • Designing Women (Film and Culture Series) by Lucy Fischer. Columbia University Press, 2003.
  • Fashion in Film edited by Regine Engelmeier, Peter W. Engelmeier and Barbara Einzig. Prestel Pub., 1997.
  • Fashioning the Nation: Costume and Identity in British Cinema by Pam Cook. British Film Institute, 1996.
  • Fellini: Costumes and Fashion by Ida Panicelli, Samuele Mazza, Giulia Mafai, Laura Delli Colli and Salvatore Mazza. Distributed Art Publishers, 1996.
  • Forties Screen Style, A Celebration of High Pastiche in Hollywood by Howard Mandelbaum and Eric Myers. St. Martin's Press, 1989.
  • Hollywood and History: Costume Design in Film by Edward Maeder, Alicia Annas, Satch Lavalley and Elois Jenssen. Olympic Marketing Corp., 1987.
  • Hollywood Costume Design by David Chierichetti. Harmony Books, 1976.
  • In a Glamorous Fashion: The Fabulous Years of Hollywood Costume Design by W. Robert Lavine, Vine La and Paul La Vine, Allen Florio. Scribner, 1980.
  • Those Glorious Glamour Years: Classic Hollywood Costume Design of the 1930's by Margaret J. Bailey. Citadel Trade, 1988.
  • Undressing Cinema: Clothing and Identity in the Movies by Stella Bruzzi. Routledge, 1998.
  • Vanity Fair: Bringing Thackeray's Timeless Novel to the Screen by Mira Nair. Newmarket Press, 2004.
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  • 1940s Hairstyles Daniela Turudich. Streamline Press, 2001.
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Sewing Instruction
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