GBACG Past Events

GBACG Events

We sponsor anywhere from 6-8 costumed Events each year. Activities range from picnics and dinners to museum and event visits; costume themes can be historical, science fiction, fantasy, and other genres - the only limit is your imagination!

Upcoming Events are listed on the GBACG Calendar with ticket price guides:

  • $ -- 0-20 dollars
  • $$ -- 20-40 dollars
  • $$$ -- 40-60 dollars
  • $$$$ -- 60-80 dollars
  • $$$$$ -- 80-100+ dollars

Ticket Policy: Tickets to GBACG activities ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, but are transferable. Purchasing tickets to a GBACG activity is the same as buying tickets to the Symphony, Ballet, or Theatre. If you have purchased tickets to a GBACG activity and are unable to attend, you may sell your tickets to someone else, but GBACG does not make refunds.

Latecomer Policy: We are not always able to accommodate latecomers. You are welcome to arrive whenever you prefer, but understand that you may miss all or part of the event. This is particularly an issue for seated meals, performances, boat or train rides, etc. The GBACG is not responsible for providing additional meals or tickets for guests arriving too late to partake in the event. Whether latecomers can be accommodated is at the discretion of a GBACG board member and/or the event site, and neither party is obligated to go to extreme lengths to do so. Refunds will not be given to anyone arriving too late to use their tickets.

The GBACG Costume Guidelines provides more information about what to wear to events.

We also have information and photos of many of our Past Events.

Plan a GBACG Event

Do you have an idea for an event that you would like to organize? All GBACG events are member-sponsored, meaning one or more of our members puts it on. If you're new to organizing events, don't worry - our Event Coordinator is here to help guide you through the process. We can even pair you up with one of our Board of Directors to help you as well. Putting on events is fun and satisfying - you get to see your vision come to life!

We usually calendar each year's events in the preceding fall.
Our cycle works like this:

  • We have an Event Planning Meeting sometime in August/September, where members get together to chat about ideas for possible events. This is a great opportunity to flesh out an idea: see if others like your theme, get suggestions for a venue, etc. Watch for the dates of Event Planning Meetings on the GBACG Calendar, in Finery, and on the GBACG Costumers Yahoo! Group.
  • Next, we'll give you a month put together your Event Proposal (see below for forms). If you'd like help figuring out all the details and filling out the forms, please contact the Event Coordinator - we're happy to help! Watch for Event Proposal deadlines in Finery and on the GBACG Costumers Yahoo! Group.
  • The Board holds its annual Event Calendaring Meeting in October/November. At this meeting, the Board reviews the Event Proposals and decides which events to schedule for the following year.

» GBACG Event Proposal Form (PDF Format)

» GBACG Event Proposal Form (DOC Format)

Questions? Email the GBACG Event Coordinator at .