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GBACG Costume Guidelines

GBACG welcomes costumers of all abilities and budgets to our events. While many of our attendees sew for themselves or have costumes custom made, others rent or pull together thrift store finds. Our goal is to have fun with costumes, and we recognize that some strive for correct recreations, and others just want to have the right look. Either option is perfect, and no one will be considered unwelcome who has made an attempt to dress in the period or spirit of the event.

Costumes are required for events. Because our events are the vision of the individual organizers, some events may have more specific costume guidelines. If so, we will be sure to indicate those in the event details.

If you ever have questions about whether a particular costume is appropriate, we would be happy to answer them -- just post them to the GBACG Costumers Yahoo! Group or email the GBACG Event Coordinator at .